Charlie Trotter, WTF? [edited: RIP]

There must be more to this story… I’m applying my own life experience to the story, and assuming that he got wasted and had a bad day, and freaked out somehow.,0,2860770.story

No clue, but I thought

was pretty funny adjective misplacement. So, it’s not Charlie Trotter with strange behavior, it’s the former Charlie Trotter?

Yeah, he’s Prince now. :smiley:
So, I guess he no longer has a restaurant? Due to his behavior perhaps?

A news anchor tried to interview him after the incident and he looked like he was out of it on some kind of drug. Or he has a serious mental problem.

Charlie Trotter’s was the name of the restaurant. In the video, the property is still called Charlie Trotter’s (look at the sign at 1:02). So yes it is the former Charlie Trotter’s.

Charlie Trotter is not someone you ought to let near children.

Ah, you’re right, my sense of humour was misplaced.

–Perhaps he got married and took his husband’s name?

He closed his place down about a year ago because he wanted to go back to school to be an artist or something. I dunno, but I’ve never heard a good thing about the man’s personality so this story didn’t surprise me.

DNA Info has some more details on this story, including an interview with the man himself…

No Good Deed!

I’ve worked in the Chicago restaurant industry for 20+ years and have had several limited interactions with Chef Trotter. I also know a number of people who have worked closely with him over the years. He is a very talented chef who has very poor interpersonal skills and an enormous sense of self importance. He’s also known for rather erratic behavior.


I agree that it’s weird. Your link didn’t work for me. I see that people who are familiar with Mr. Trotter aren’t surprised by the behavior. I never met the man, but I thought his actions were strange. But upon further review, who am I to talk? I can be weird, too.

I was at a dinner party a couple of years ago, and we were discussing restaurants.
I think Charlie Trotter’s had just closed down, and the name came up.

A woman at the table said, “Charlie Trotter is evil.” She was completely serious.

I raised my eyebrows at that. Usually that term is only used for child molesters and serial killers.

I think I tried to ask why she thought Charlie Trotter was evil, but she didn’t care to discuss it further.

I thought it strange at the time.

In the restaraunt’s early days my wife and I and another couple splurged on a dinner at the kitchen table … his mother, who was there that night, was very nice.

I do wonder if there is something more to this episode … it seems a bit more than tempermental or even asshole.

And please Carmen Tufano, keep teaching your son lessons about building self-esteem.

Tell him that it comes from within as the result of his actions. The kinds of actions that make him feel good about himself. And so it can’t be either built up or destroyed by tempermental old Charlie Trotter.

Please don’t tell the poor kid that Charlie just destroyed two years of esteem building. You’ll make him feel like he’s helpless in the face of the irrational.

And don’t set the example that the solution is getting back at someone unless you want to raise a vindictive child. Help him stand up, brush himself off, gather back his dignity and be grateful that he hasn’t lost his marbles like other people you could mention. :smiley:

Well, now he belongs to the ages -

From WTF to RIP.

Jeez, RIP. I feel strange having singled him out… If all he needed was a little help, I’m sorry that he didn’t get it.

Very sad. I wonder if his recent odd behavior is related.

That was my first thought when I heard the news. I kind of hope not because that would mean he was more troubled than people close to him knew.’s eatocracy on the news: