Charlottesville assailant to be held

From the news this morning (sorry but the MSN NEWS app won’t let me copy a link, they cite the LA Times) that Cole Evan White, charged with inciting a riot and “causing violence”, has been ordered held in jail pending trial. Phillip Kearny, the federal prosecutor in the case, stated that White is considered a flight risk because he has flown to Scotland and Ireland to make contact with a group in each of these nations Mr White’s attorney argued that his client is not a flight risk because Mr White is a young man who lives with his family and is not a flight risk.

Leaving aside the moral and political aspects of this case, my question is this: Where is this young man getting the money to do all this travelling?

I certainly cannot hop on a plane to Scotland whenever I want, much less travel to Charlottsville.

So who is sponsoring these folks (and to be fair, antifa activists) in all this travelling.

It might be interesting to follow the money here.

[Aside: It majorly sucks that this kids name is not Walter :)]

There are flights near me direct to Scotland and Ireland for less than $130 on budget airlines. Overseas travel just doesn’t have to be that expensive.

He’s probably funded by donations from his local white supremacist group (“Rise Above”), or the larger Unite the Right movement.

I just did a quick search and found a flight from LAX to DUBlin for $787. Not chump change, but not a deal breaker if I have a credit card. I’m sure better prices are possible with better research.