Where might Trump go?

Seriously. He has burned so many bridges that I wonder where he might go?

I think NYC is out of the question. Mar-A-Lago is good for three weeks out of the year (yeah, he is bound to fight that and may ask for zoning variance or something).

Ummm. He’s not going to want a ranch like GWB. He needs adoring fans.

Overseas? Perhaps. But what about the US. Who would welcome him that is in a place that he would… ‘enjoy’.

I’m guessing Mar-a-Lago. He seems to be heading in that direction. Sure he’ll face some legal battles but he’ll just drag them out.

I definitely don’t see overseas. He won’t want to leave his fanbase.

You seem to think because so many hate him, he’ll have to leave. He eats that up, as long as he has his loyal bootlickers.


Lessee, where is the dirtbag capital of the US? Looking at the cohort that was invading the Capital last week, wherever they are from is where he will be welcome.

I am so tempted to say where he can go… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

But in all seriousness if he is able to keep himself out of prison and stay rich, he can probably go wherever he wants to (within the US, there may be other countries that refuse to allow him in).

Well the old place to go was Argentina right? But with Jair Bolsonaro in charge, maybe today it is Brazil.

As long as coronavirus travel restrictions are in place overseas ain’t happening.

There was some talk about him maybe heading to Scotland, but Scotland denied the flight citing COVID travel restrictions of a US plane that Trump normally flies in.

He should stay at the Four Seasons with Rudy. They could sell crazy organic batshit.

Trump got 70.3% of the vote in Wyoming. I can see him and Melania buying a piece of land out there and setting up their own version of Green Acres.

Washington 4th District

“Green Acres is the place to be!”


A red state will secede from the union, Donald J. Trump, President.

Mother Russia. He’s been sucking at that teat for years.

Vlad no longer has any use for him, so no.

Russia doesn’t want him, and he doesn’t have the actual wealth or utility to buy his way in. He’s been a useful idiot for Putin when he was spoiling an election, an entertaining buffoon who served as a public distraction while Russian intelligence trolled Russian media, and likely even a source of valuable strategic information in his efforts to impress someone Trump regards as a fellow strongman, but once Trump is out of office his usefulness is minimal, and worthless if he actually runs away and abandons his worshipers.


Prison. I think he’s looking at serious jail time.

I don’t think he knows the difference between hate and adoration all he knows is “attention” vs. “being ignored.”

He needs a place where he can speak English.

I multiquoted!

Why should he start doing that now?

He needs a place where people can decode his English/gibberish pidgin. Places where everyone speaks only Spanish are not that place. Places where lots of his voters live, are.