Did Chris (The new Whitelighter) destroy Leo in the season finale?
It seemed like Leo was orbing out and Chris <poof> burned him up.

Also is the new Whitelighter bad?

I think we’ll have to wait until the premiere to find that out. Or I hope so, since I don’t do spoilers.

I didn’t get the impression that Chris did anything to Leo, but a lot of other people did, so I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention since I was more stuck by the self-slamming door than Leo’s exit.

I thought for most of the episode that Chris was a grown-up Wyat, but I was rather doubtful by the end…Whoever Chris is, I think he’s trouble. You would think they’d learn not to trust random guys, since they’re always trouble, but I guess they think whitelighters are a special case.

I also thought that Chris was a future Wyatt, but at the end it made no sense to blow him up. The troubling part about blowing him up is that Chris seemed to constantly talking about how great and special Leo is and seemed to believe he was destined to become an elder.

It’s a good cliff-hanger since you don’t know the story until we find out more about Chris. Of course it was odd that the elders were so quick to appoint Chris to the charmed ones without knowing more about him…

Did you notice how Chris slammed the door at the end? He did it just like Pru used to.

Why would you think that Chris was a Wyatt all grown up? In the season finale Piper was coming downstairs from putting the baby to bed.

I thought he was Wyatt because he’s a white-lighter (as is Wyatt, being Leo’s son), he knew where things were in the house (such as walking up and touching the book of shadows), he talked very highly of Leo (like a proud son), and he got very frustrated with trying to lead the 3 (like a son trying to tell his mom and aunts what to do.)

Of course blowing up Leo definitely contradicts the Wyatt theory, along with baby Wyatt not trusting Chris (protective bubble.) But closing the door at the end like Pru could be a power he got through his mom if she’s Piper – a sister passing on another sister’s powers to her child.

Because Chris claimed to be from the future, you know? Since all four witches have visited their past selves, it doesn’t seem to matter if they’re alive in the present too or not.

It did look like Chris killed Leo while he was orbing.

I do think he’s a future version of Wyatt.

The diminuitive version of Prudence(per the show) is Prue.

I don’t think Chris killed Leo, but he did do something to him. My guess is that he banished him to another dimension. He doesn’t have the power to kill an Elder.

And my money is on him being Wyatt all grown up. Remember when Wyatt was a baby and Grams kept worrying about it being a boy instead of a girl. She didn’t even want to touch Wyatt and said something about male witches (at least in the Halliwell family) having a tendency to go very bad.

I agree, but there’s a major inconsistency that Wyatt could touch the Book of Shadows. If he was evil, he couldn’t do that. Everything else is consistent with an evil Wyatt. I suppose they could try to get around that by just saying that a Halliwell can touch the book regardless of being good or evil.

But you are forgetting that Piper was coming downstairs from putting Wyatt to bed…actually Leo had just healed her from her pain of missing him upstairs but she doesn;t remember that.

I thought a few of the other demons have touched the book of shadows. Am I mistaken?

I think Chris DID do something to Leo and I hope Brian Krause is not written off the show. He is an added touch

I’m sorry, but I don’t see what putting baby Wyatt to bed would have to do with a grown up Wyatt…

That is my point. Piper just put the baby down to go to sleep and Chris was outside with Leo. If Chris is really Wyatt then Piper would not have been putting him down to sleep. So in my mind Chris is NOT a grown up Wyatt

Oh, I understand now! We don’t mean Chris is the same Wyatt as the baby; there are two diferent bodies, not one person becoming the other(no shape-shifting involved in what we’ve been saying).

When the witches saw their former selves by going to the past, like I mentioned before, you have present-Piper and past-Piper existing at the exact same time, so we know you don’t become your past self when you go back in time, you just exist along side that past self. If you remember “that 70’s episode” Prue and Piper were able to talk to and even touch their younger selves.

It’s only in the episode where they go into the future that they “become” their future self, and since no one is going into the future, at least in respect to when they exist (2003 for the charmed ones, something like 2025 for “Chris”) that wouldn’t be an issue- everyone is in the present, except a single character going into his past, which happens to be the present.

So people are speculating that a future-Wyatt, who is calling himself “Chris” has gone into the past the same way the charmed ones have, and is able to interact with present-Wyatt and so on just like they were able to do with people in their pasts.

Isabelle, that still doesn’t make any sense. I think it was pretty clear that the show was at least loudly hinting that Chris was future Wyatt.

And it did kind of look like he disintegrated Leo at the end, but it was so anti-climactic (really quick, a lame special effect, felt really thrown in at the end of the episode) that it wasn’t very shocking. It was more like “Huh? What happened there? Did he…? I can’t tell. Guess I’ll wait 4 months and see.”

Right. What elfkin477 said.

So the grown up Wyatt and baby Wyatt cannot co-exist at the same point in time.

Makes sense with the time travelling that the 3 (4) have done in other episodes. I can only think of 4 time travelling shows and only 2 of those were within their lifetimes. One was way back to colonial times, save the Halliwell line. No corresponding selves to replace. One to the future, burn Pheobie. The 3 replaced each other. One to a previous life in the roaring 20’s, evil Pheobie. They replaced themselves again. And the last with Page going back to the death of her parents. Here she replaced herself.
I can’t think of any others.

With that consideration, you’re right Isabelle that if Chris is Wyatt, he should replace baby Wyatt. But there are always exceptions to such rules. The blast at Leo at the end would definitely follow that Chris is not a future Wyatt, but then again he may be protecting himself from his father by getting rid of him…

One thing really is troubling over the idea of Chris being evil. Couldn’t the elders know that he’s evil? The elders have shown knowledge of the future in other episodes, why would they not know Chris is evil? If they know he is evil, then why assign the charmed ones as his charges? Whatever the case, there’s obviously why too much blind faith in Chris just because he’s a white lighter.

See I missed all those traveling in time episodes. I only saw one and that was when they were trying to find the cat called “Kit” Pru was in that episode but they never showed her face. They only showed the back of her head a few times.

So that is why I am confused.

I didn’t used to like Charmed but then it was the only thing on Sunday night so I watched it and it kinda grew on me.

Now I am into it and am trying to catch up

What demon killed Pru anyway? Was it Barbus? Did the Charmed ones kill the demon that killed Pru?

Thanks for helping me catch up

Isabelle , check here for updates. I’m still ticked about them getting rid of Cole, truth to tell.

For your other questions: Prue was killed at the very end of the season before last, and it was a “hit man” demon, whose name I cannot recall. TNT is running Charmed 5 nights a week, you might watch there, too. They just started last season this week.

There was a show, and I’m not sure if anyone else remembers it, in which the girls are trying to protect a pregnant witch. The demon who comes after her tells Phoebe and Piper “Her child will be the death of all of us…demons AND witches!!” or something to that effect. So I am now wondering if that is who the mysterious Chris is…hm…

Darn I don’t get cable so I don’t have TNT!

Thanks for the link.

I am sad to see Cole go. I liked Julian. I really would have preferred if Phoebe gave into him (at least once instead of Jason) I didn’t see how they got rid of Cole. What did they do? They coulnd’t vanquish him.

Ah, yes. Getting rid of the demon who wouldn’t die. Spoiler link here.

I think audience response on Jason was kind of luke warm, which is why he left for the far east.

Ya know, I really didn’t want to like this show, but it definitely hooked me. And my whole family. Now I can’t stay away.