Charter Member benefits?

I am wondering if the powers that be at the SDMB might eventually create future benefits to being a Charter Member, such as less time required between searches, or if the only benefit we will ever receive is the “Charter Member” vanity title beneath our names. It is my understanding that Members and Guests are pretty much the same, except for minimal ads. Will there ever be a larger difference between regular Member privileges and those of Guests?

Also, at one point we were told that the SDMB actually gets more money from its ad-viewing Guests than paying Members. Is this still true? The answers to all these questions will dictate whether I let my Charter Membership lapse or not. I must admit that I’m very surprised that I haven’t seen anyone ask these questions yet. This board seems a much different place from before…and I’d like to do my part to help it recover.

Being a charter member costs half as much as being an ordinary member. That’s more than just a vanity title. Whether having any sort of member title under your name is something you find beneficial is a different question.

Members get profile pictures and more PM storage and functionality.

Member see no ads on the board.

At the present time while the Straight Dope is making some money from ads subscribers are also greatly appreciated. All bux to the plus side is good news.

It was once believed that potential ad revenue would far exceed subscriptions and would have the added bonus of not requiring customer support, which is an expense of time and money. For example, if it takes an hour of technical time to chase down a glitch in the system because someone’s $7.48 didn’t register, you’ve not really made any money and have in fact come out on the negative side of that transaction.

Anything that you do that throws bux our way is helpful. If you choose to subscribe that is helpful. If you click on ads, that is also useful.