Charter Membership only via PayPal now??

Seeing that my CM is up for renewal in a couple of months, I tried to pay my CM dues via credit card AS I HAVE DONE EVERY TIME IN THE LAST 15 years only to find that the only option to do so is via PayPal.

Is this now the case? Because I don’t actually HAVE a PayPal account.


It’s always been through PayPal, there’s an option during the process to input your CC # directly unless something has changed recently.

Well, there must have been some glitch, because the first two times I tried there was no option for a CC payment, but on a third attempt YES, there is indeed a CC option.

Anyway, done for another couple of years…


Hmm, I have been having a bag of krugerrands delivered directly to Ed for years now, is that not the proper way?:confused:


It USED to be. Now, the bag goes through me. I’ll PM you my address…

It’s changed. All such transactions are to go through me from now on.

Actually it’s me.

The Hookers and Blow, too? or just the gold?

I’ve always paid via credit card through the Paypal portal too. Until my most recent renewal in March, when I simply could not find an option to use a card. It surprised me, because we use Paypal for sales from our own online gift shop, and the credit card option is well known to me. Nevertheless, I could find no provision for renewal payment except Paypal. Luckily for me, I have a personal account and so I made my renewal. I marked it up to me just not searching diligently enough, until this thread.