Chat roulette issues

Chatroulette hates me. I’m on a mac with an isight camera and can’t get the damn thing to let me play. Trying to use any of the buttons leads to the following error message: “In order to play the game, you must enable your camera.” Which is odd, because the video feed from my camera is showing in the “You” window. What form of “enabling” is needed beyond the video feed showing? So…

  1. Any ideas how to fix this? Note that I had no problem using the facebook equivalent, so I have to think it’s a problem with chatroulette in particular.

  2. What are all these obscure things on the page? I figured out that C H and D are links to different page layouts. What are -, +, and !? And what are the 1 2 and 3 check boxes for?

  3. Assuming this problem is permanently unsolvable, any suggestions for alternative stranger video chat websites?

  4. Please no threadshitting about the content of the site, I’m aware of that issue, and already enjoyed the South Park episode which was undoubtedly much more funny than anything you could say about it, thanks.

The only alternative I can suggest that involves a camera is fuck roulette run by Treasure Island Media - they remove all the tedious people who actually want to talk and just have guys looking to masturbate into the camera or watch someone doing that.

But I’m guessing that’s not the answer you wanted. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not going to work for what I wanted to achieve, but I may check it out anyway :wink:

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Yep! You can try going to bazoocam, it works quite well and it’s fun, you can even play games on it!