Chat weird...anyone try it?

Just stumbled on this article

I would assume most of it is dudes jerking-off (and I haven’t even logged in yet!) but Buzzfeed has a bunch of funny screenshots here, probably NSFW.

Has anyone tried it? I’m intrigued…

We did this a few months ago. At first I thought it sounded very cool- but then I tried it and found that, at 41, I am OMFG an ancient old crone and nobody wants to talk to me. :smack:

did you tell them you’re the sexiest woman alive?

No, but thanks for noticing. :stuck_out_tongue:

I spent most of yesterday using it. I must have gotten, like, 15 masturbators, a guy in a ski mask playing a ukelele, quite possibly the fattest woman I have ever seen, and some guy who only wanted to talk about pretzels.

Most people just rejected me and went for someone else :frowning:

That is exactly what I would assume as well. In fact, I would bet it is impossible to chat with 10 people on there and not see at least 3 dudes jerking off. In fact again, I would bet that the site was created by a dude for the sole purpose of exposing as many people as possible to him jerking off (OK, not really, but it’s possible).

Cobra Commander on Chat Roulette

Tried it a bit, don’t like it. It’s uncomfortable being seen and judged like that… ridiculous, really. I got these 2 girls who said “Hey grandpa!” and “how old are you, like 97”?

I’m 24.


After expressing my astonishment and telling them as much, they clicked next.

It’s a toy for extroverts and exhibitionists and other words beginning with ex. So I’m best off passing on it.

I guess now we have to stay off of your lawn, too.

Fun Chatroulette piano improv.

I have to admit, I freaking love chatroulette. I just found it 3 days ago and it’s hilarious once you get past the sausage fest. A penis comes up (heh) about every 3rd person and I just click report then they get disconnected for 10 minutes.

I chatted with a singer in Brazil and just now a guy in Holland played the guitar for me. I had a really good conversation last night with a 17 years old gay boy from Mississippi. He has been through a lot of abuse and harassment and I think it helped him to talk to someone who could tell him that he’s perfectly normal and there’s nothing wrong with him, just the people around him. I’ve been chatting to people in Japan, Germany, Norway, France and Australia.

I had one American guy who claimed that most Canadians (I am Canadian) don’t like our heath care and would actually prefer to have the American for profit system. There was just no convincing him of the truth.

Anyway I love it!

I’ve never used it, but now I kinda want to, but then I’m like,
“I’m not interesting, I’m not good at just having random conversations about whatever with strangers, and have no interesting gimmick I can use like improv piano singing, or dressing up as Cobra Commander.”

Edit: Also, it seems some people just use a static image instead of their webcam…I can see that one way to do this is point the camera at the pic, but it seems more like these people are “spoofing” the website to think the image is a live feed from a webcam…how is this done?

Try it first without using your webcam, then you know you aren’t being judged and it will give you a chance to play around with it and figure it out w/o having to chat or be looked at.

Do kids these days know who Cobra Commander is?

I don’t have time to search for it now but the Daily Show’s segment on this is freaking hilarious. Search for it.

Google for “virtual webcam software”. This allows static images, videos, effects, etc. to be used whenever the webcam is started.

I probably would never have heard of it if not for the Cheezburger Network; I swear, they have a blog for EVERYTHING: .

Of course some of us would be quite happy to watch a bunch of random dudes jerking off - would we be welcomed on that site too?

30 min’s catch:

  • A massive amount of bored looking guys. Mostly from the Mediterranean and Middle East, by the looks of it.
  • At least three different empty conference room tables. I guess someone’s figuring out how to monetize this.
  • One guy wearing boxers, scratching his nads, with the camera pointed to his groin.
  • Three german teen girls trying to get their camera to work.
  • A transvestite who could’ve passed for an average looking woman.

No trolls or flailing sausage so far, which is nice.

Need to investigate more…