OK, several times I have seen posters here referring to being “in chat”… where IS it that you guys chat? I found a chat room called “straightdope” at TalkCity, but no one is there but me! :frowning: “Hello?” echo echo echo

So where do you guys chat?

Undernet on IRC. #Straightdope.

Go download mIRC or something like it, and find an undernet server you can actually connect to. ((Good luck)) And you’ll be good to go.

I haven’t been there in quite some time… just too busy with real life.

Anyway, there ya go. :slight_smile:
Disclaimer: #Straightdope is not affiliated with, nor with the Chicago Reader ((Or whatever the newspaper is called. I can’t remember.)), nor with Cecil. You can’t eat it in a box, or with a fox, and it had absolutely nothing to do with the Clinton administration. Wash hands after use. In case of contact with eyes, flush immediately with vodka and call a physician.

Thanks, Simetra… dling it now…

OK, I Dl’d mIrc… and logged on to undernet… now what? I can’t find Straightdope on it…

My pleasure. De rien. :slight_smile:

Just type #Straightdope for the room name. You won’t find it on the list.

Thanks, Simetra… I seem to have gotten into the StraightDope room, but although it shows three others there, no one seems to be chatting…

Oh well, I’ll give it a try for a few minutes, then go to bed and try it tomorrow…

Thanks again for the help!

Just type in /join #straightdope and welcome!

And you BETTER SHOW UP, 'cause I hate being the only one in an Asian time zone! Those Americans are always leaving when I’m arriving and vice versa, then again maybe it’s just personal :wink:

— G. Raven

p.s. not anyone is welcome on the channel, generally people are expected to be fairly experienced dopers, as the FranBi incident showed us. :smiley:

**Morrison’s Lament{/b], what is the FranBi incident? Please, do tell!!

I am in the room right now, as far as I can tell… but no one else seems to be… if I get nothing in the next few mins., I’m going to bed and will try again tomorrow eve…

is this the corrrect mirc page?
any other tips and links will be appreciated.

You don’t have to be “fairly experienced” to be welcome in chat, and I think Morrison is a perfect example of that :wink:

We do occasionally get a visitor who thinks we are dedicated to a different type of dope, or that believes “a/s/l” is the best way to start a conversation, but we have ways of fixing that problem. [sub]BWAAA HAAA HAAA HAAAAAAAA!![/sub]

Speaking of which…the FranBi incident can be read about here. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll probably decide not to come chat with us! :wink:

If you come into the room and you are alone, or there only a couple people in there but noone is speaking, it may be because of a netsplit - log off and try a different server.

and it is important to note:

Standard Boiler

#StraightDope is not endorsed nor administered by the staff of the SDMB, the Reader or anyone else who normally has to do with the Straight Dope. It is not offical, nor near offical, nor really having anything to do the The Straight Dope except we use the name since we’re pretty much all folks from this here board.

and yes, anya, that is the correct site

Ouch Saph :wink:

What I meant was of course that one should know what the hell the “Straight Dope” is before one enters :smiley:

— G. Raven

Just FYI, “Happy Hour” for SDchat is generally from 8pm-12am C.S.T. (in the US). By Happy Hour I mean when the most people come to chat. There’s also a small crowd that hangs around during the afternoon, and late nite. The rest of the time you wont find many people (if any) there.

Check it out–it’s fun, but a different atmosphere then the board, the topic is usually changing constantly and often times there will be many discussions going on at the same time. I encourage every doper to at least give it a try once and see if they like it.

Anya, yes. Go download a chat client at

Now go into Options, pick a nickname, and set the IRC_servers: to Undernet. Next, pick an individual server…and while online, connect to that server.

You may have to try a number of servers before you find one that works. It can be frustrating, my recommendation is trying the European servers - they seem to have less problems than the ones in the states.

After you’ve connected, a channels folder will pop up. Type in #Straightdope and press enter.

Welcome to doper chat.