Cheap alternative to internet service/cable?

I’m moving next week and I need the internet because I’m a student. The cable would be a nice convenience but not necessary.
The cable provider is mediacom. They offer both cable and internet and about sixty bucks per month for the package. In my opinion, that unreasonable.

So, I’m in the market for internet and cable. are there any other services I should look into? I heard about computers having the ability to receive television channels. I’m not sure of the logic behind that.
I’m really open to anything so please let me know, it would be much appreciated.

If you are in a Verizon phone service area, they have basic DSL for 14.99 a month for the first year, and the first month is free.

$60 is the* double secret, one time only, new subscriber bargain rate* for internet and cable around here (central NC.) Internet alone is nearly fifty.

You can find out if a neighbor would be willing to share a connection and the cost with you, or you may just be fortunate enough to be in a public access wi-fi area.

Since this is looking for opinions on good deals, not looking for a fight, I’m sending it to IMHO.

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Since this is looking for opinions on good deals, not looking for a fight, I’m sending it to IMHO.

You guys should set up an isp, you are being robbed.

Adsl2 (20M/1M) +Phone +TV for 30E

(call cost not included)

$60 for cable and internet? That doesn’t sound unreasonable at all … but I guess I haven’t priced such packages in a while.

If you’re really worried about money, I suggest not looking for cable. Get a pair of bunny ears for your TV and a $8/mo Netflix subscription and just watch broadcast TV and DVD movies, read more or watch a lot of YouTube. You’d be surprised how long you can live without cable.

If I could pay only $60 for both cable and Internet, I’d kiss the installer, with tongue.

If the computer has a TV tuner card, you can watch and record TV programs just like a Tivo does, with no Tivo monthly cost.

Verizon usually has cheap basic DSL, like Fear Itself said. I think companies like Yahoo and AOL offer DSL too.

I pay for broadband cable internet, but I’ve never had cable TV and hence I don’t really “miss” it. If there are any shows I am really interested in watching, I just get them on DVD.

The cheapest alternative though, is to live in Mountain View and get free wireless broadband from Google. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont have a home phone landline. Would I still be able to get this service without one? If I have to get a landline, I wouldn’t plan on making any calls but how much would i expect to pay?


It depends. I know of at least one provider that does offer DSL without a landline. You’ll pretty much have to call them up and ask. Same goes for cable internet–some offer it alone, some only give you of a bundle with cable TV.

Since you are a student, does your school have a wireless network that you could tap into? Even if you aren’t quite on campus sometimes you can still be in reach, especially if you use a directional antenna.

I have DSL from AT&T, I also pay $14.99 per month. My total bill is around $45, I just have a dial tone and a $10 month long distance package which I have been using. Its cheaper than a standard cable+broadband package would be. There was also a hook-up fee, I think about $50. If you go for DSL just browse their price menu online first and don’t let them talk you into a bundled package, a simple “I’ve already made up my mind, thanks” should do the trick.

I pay 55 dollars a month for the most basic cable and internet. It was the cheapest way for me to get broadband internet. If I wanted to get just cable internet it would have cost 65 dollars a month. They sure twisted my arm into getting the cable too.

It’s $60 here for cable internet without the cable TV. I am too far away from DSL (at three miles south of downtown Nashville, thank you.) So I’m stuck with dialup.

I briefly got excited when Clearwire came to town - it’s all wireless, using transmitters and receivers mounted on cell towers. Sadly all I’ve seen online are bad reviews.