Cheap RTK enabled GPS reciever and phone/tablet

I’m looking to move away from dedicatied mapping grade recievers to tablets. I just can’t stomach the junk Trimble is putting out these days at $2500 a pop.

I’m looking for a combination of a tablet with a GPS reciever. I’d like to take advantage of the RTK network I have access to, but the reality is that I don’t need sub cm accuracy, more like 2-5m. Ruggedness is an issue as the data collection is outdoors but nothing an otterbaox can’t handle.

The tablets will be running arc collector, survey123, avenza and maybe a few others apps.

Here is an article on phones and tablets gps accuracy. Nearly all were accurate to 3m open sky. 77% were accurate to 1m.

Thanks aceplace57 I’ve actually read that article before. They do a pretty good job of pointing out the issues with phone GPS that I’m trying to avoid.

I’m looking for something similar to their second trial, when they use a “consumer grade” reciever. Perferably a duel band GNSS reciever that can also take advantage of RTK correction and not break the bank.