Cost Effective: Tablet (Arc Collector), Case, External Bluetooth GNSS Receiver setup?

I’m looking to purchase cost effective setups for field going personnel. They are going to be collecting data in all types of weather and environments. Previously we’d been using Trimble data collectors but they seem to be intent on delivering 10 year old cell phone tech in a $3000 brick.

Smaller tablet 8in.? Can run Arc Collector, Survey 123, Avenza and a variety of other bird call, vegetation ID… type programs (Assume if it can run collector it can run every other program we may need)

Case (I assume Otterbox but there might be something better)

External Bluetooth GNSS Receiver: Doesn’t need to be top of the line survey grade but not crap. Real time correction? (This is where I get lost)
Any help is appreciated, Thanks

So just to tie up this loose end I’m going with Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8", paired with a Garmin GLO Bluetooth GNSS receiver and an Otterbox. I’ll let you know how it works, if I remember.