Cheap Weekend in St. Petersburg?

A few years ago, FINNAIR had a neat deal-Friday flights (NYC-St. Petersburg) with a decent hotel and retun Sunday. It was dirt cheap-like about $600. Anyone know if such trips are available now? I’d love a quick mid-winter trip.Can you see much of the city in a weekend? :confused:

Well, “Hermitage” does mean “Winter Palace”… Seriously, I’d spend every hous there – that alone would probably make the trip worth it. If it weren’t winter, I’d take the hovercraft to the Peterhof and strol the gardens and woods – it’s like Versailles, but with real families enjoying themselves.

It seems like a lot of hours in an airplane for such a short stay, though.

Correction: “Every hour there”

$600? Are you sure its not St Petersburg, Florida???