Cheaper By The Dozen

It being Christmas, my son wanted to see a movie.
We went to the theater near us, cause of bus issues.
He wanted to see Cheaper By The Dozen.

I figured it would stink,but it was better than I thought it would be.
Some actual funny moments.
Ashton Kutcher wasn’tin it much, the rolewas pretty one dimensional, he was a conceited actor who mentioned how attractive he was ( I don’t agree).

But Steve Martin was good,as always.

Anyone else see it,or plan on it?

Not I. As I noted in this thread, I am far too find of the original book and movie.

So long as I can disassociate it from the original (having played Mr. Gilbreth in a very well received production back in 1975) I may be ale to enjoy the new film. Steve Martin has been doing a servicable job portraying befuddled dads lately. And Bonnie Hunt is hot.

So in the movie, are he and his wife the biological parents of all twelve kids or are some of the kids adopted? (It’s just almost impossible to conceive [no pun intended] of upper middle class professionals today having a family anywhere near that size- putting them through college would cost millions.)

Yes, they are the biological parents.
She explains at the beginning that they wanted 8,he got fixed,twins, etc.

One of the kids is 22 and living with a boyfriend (Kutcher).

Thank Og for this movie!

Turns out the weird cousin’s odd husband is tenuously related to the twins that play the youngest kids. Gave me something to talk about with said odd relative when I was stuck next to him for the holiday meal.

I believe we’ll go see it out of gratitude.