Crappier By the Dozen

Just saw a promo for the remake of Cheaper by the Dozen, with Steve Martin.


Those of you who’ve read the book and saw the original movie remember it’s a (true) heart-warming but rather dark and acerbic tale of the 12 children of an efficiency expert and his wife. Not always happy, though nostalgic.

The new movie? It’s wacky! It’s a goofy, slapstick story of Mom going out of town, the kids going nuts and silly, idiotic Dad falls apart and can’t handle things–in a wacky way!

I repeat, *Oy. *

The only saving grace I can think of is that it’s Steve Martin. I recall that previews didn’t do Bowfinger any justice, frankly.

I went over to IMDB and found a link to the trailer.
That’s just wrong. Very wrong. It’s as if they tried to take it and update a story that actually works well without being updated.

I’ll just stick with my copy of the book, thanks.

The original starred Clifton Webb, and

it was a tear-jerker: the dad died at the end

I bet neither will be true of the remake.

From what I’ve been lead to believe, it’s not based on the book. They’re merely using the same title, god only knows why. I’m actually looking forward to it, but I never claimed to have good taste in movies.

Well, the ad says (in very small type) that it’s based on the Gilbreth book . . . Based so loosely it rattles . . .

Don’t worry, Eve. This can’t be any worst than the film in which Gwen Stefani plays Jean Harlow.

[Editor’s Note: Shortly after posting this message, Governor Quinn was trampled in a freak stampede caused by the rage of Eve.]

Sounds like Mr. Mom by way of Daddy Day Care. I think I’ll pass. I also have fond memories of the book (I think there was actually a few books, but I only read the first).

I didn’t think much of the Clifton Webb version, though. The father was portrayed not at all as I pictured him.

There was a second book. Something about Toes in the title, I think. Bells on their Toes?

I’ll give this one a pass. I’m not having a cherished childhood book ruined by the crap that is Steve Martin (as of late).

Sorry for the hijack…

So it won’t be just like the book. Big deal.

Why is it necessary for a film to be faithful to the book it’s based on? I can think of two examples, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and The Shining, that veered significantly from their source material yet turned out to be fine films. I’m sure there are more examples.

End hijack.

I saw Elf today (not by choice) and I saw the trailer. Hilary Duff is in it! That means two things: 1. Utter utter crap of a movie and 2. Lots of teen/tweens will see it, meaning big money. The hot guy from smallville is in it, so I am not complaining on that part. He can’t act though, so that might be a problem…

The sequel was “Belles on their Toes.” I enjoyed it quite a bit, although it didn’t quite catch me as “Cheaper” did. Still, the mother character received some great attention and it was a solid, funny book.

The male co-author… Frank? also wrote a book about his experience in the military that was pretty funny. I can’t remember the name for the life of me.

A favorite family waiting-in-interminable-lines game is to try and name all twelve Gilbreths. Usually we can get eleven (and yes, we get Mary in there right away).

I don’t have high hopes for the movie.

I, too read the book and liked the Clifton Webb/Myra Loy movie; I considered watching the remake ONLY because of Steve Martin…then I saw the previews.

I’ll meet Eve’s “Oy” and raise her a “Feh.”

Thanks for reminding me about the subsequent Gilbreth books/novels;, here I come!

I believe that’s known in the business as “pulling a Home Alone 3.”

Torgo. The problem is not that ‘Dozen’ deviates from the book… its that as a movie remake it borrows its title from a more-or-less “classic” movie and appears to deviate significantly from the original motion picture formula.

It’s like watching a trailer for a 21st century remake of Cuckoo’s Nest where the wacky inmates of an insane asylum sabotages a prestigious nurses convention hosted by the evil Nurse Cratchett.

It’s just so wrong.

Bah, Hollywood releases a remake that deviates from the original, people complain. Hollywood releases a remake EXACTLY like the original, people complain!

Make up your darn minds, people! :smiley:

Shh! Don’t give them ideas!

Curse you, Leaper! If I hadn’t previewed, my reply would have been in the proper place next to Askia’s post. But no.

Nurse Ratched? Or is this a Christmas Carol hybrid? :wink:

Walloon. Oh, it’s Ratched. At least I quit calling her “Nurse Wretched.”

Leaper. This was part of an article on Upcoming Hollywood Remakes that I pitched to, then had rejected by, MAD magazine a few years ago. That Ratched/Cratchett thing might help explain why!