Cheapest protective gear to wear to protect against vicious dog?

What’s the cheapest way I could armor myself against a vicious dog? Plate mail would be great, but way out of my price range. Leather pants and coat? Not sure if it would be protective enough. Ideas?

They make protective suits for training police dogs and the like. You can get a full suit, or just a sleeve, depending on your needs.

What sort of situation are you in when you encounter this dog? Any reason Animal Control can’t do anything?

^ Pretty sure those suits are not cheap though.

Haha, I am animal control.

This is just a hypothetical though.

Your office/agency doesn’t already have such things?

If you want cheap, there’s good old prison armor. Get yourself a sweatshirt and sweatpants that are too big for you, a bunch of magazines, and some tape. Wrap the magazines around your arms, legs, and torso (do your arms last actually) and tape them in place. Then pull the sweatsuit on over everything. Add some heavy work gloves and boots and a football helmet.

And pepper spray.

If you want something more professional, I’d recommend a good set of elbow-length anti-bite gloves.

Very small town. Virtually nothing is provided.

Sounds like a good outfit for bathing the cat.

“I’ve armored everything except my genitals!”

In an episode of Mythbusters* they found that a denim jacket and pants sprayed with truck bed liner were rather effective against the bite of a trained attack dog. Not sure how well they’d work against something that’s biting to harm rather than grab/hold.

How about motorcycle gear?

Don’t they give you a dog-noose? Once you grab a dog by the neck and lift it off its front feet it’s pretty much helpless.
Anyway, if you want cheapest: go buy some hot dogs. Unless it’s a psychologically disturbed dog or a trained attack dog, sitting near it and tossing bits of hot dogs at it will almost certainly allow you to capture it without harm to yourself or others. Assuming that is your goal.

Small town rigs I have seen & dealt with are just pickup trucks with cages. Only one person doing the job. Even with a noose, the officer still has to pick up a critter to put it in a cage and an 60 pound dog, most can’t hold with arms outstretched.

Welding gloves
Snake boots or protectors
Easily donned leather coat with bike armor underneath or inserted in the coat, but pricy.

Paper wrap is really hot in the summer if worn all day just in case and slow to install in a hurry-up situation.

He needs quick pull on stuff IMO.

Wow. Bite suits aren’t cheap!

If dealing with an angry dog the best (relatively) cheap solution would be 2 layers of this stuff

or maybe motorcycle gear

I have to ask though if it’s to the point you are physically attached aren’t you allowed to carry a gun? If a dog is after you to the point you are getting chewed on isn’t it time to shoot it?

If you can’t be provided with protective gear, use a shotgun. Why risk yourself? Rabies injections are no joke.

A cop friend of mine does dog training. Even with state of the art bite sleeves/suits he still ends up with some decent bruises.

He told me he has gone from training dogs to go for an arm (which leaves the opposite hand free) to training for high-on-the-thigh bites, which are more disabling.