No, not ‘cheapskate’ – cheap steak.

Cooking on the charcoal grill has become a regular thing around here. It seems that one or more friend comes over at least once a week for carcass. Unfortunately, good meat is a bit expensive. But we’ve come upon what seems to be a solution. On Thursday we cooked our second roast. (The other guy bought his own steaks.) This thing was two pounds and cost less than six dollars. We rubbed McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Steak seasoning on it. We seared the outside, and the inside of this two-inch-thick slab-o-deadcow was nicely red (but not cold). We had similar results the first time we tried it. It was more tender than the steaks the other guy bought. I finished off the leftovers a little while ago, and it was still good.

Which cut is it? Around here the cheap cut of beef we favor is london broil, at a typical 1.99 $US per pound, in 2-3 lb slabs. Perfect for the 3 of us, with extra for mrAru to take to work the next day. We marinate it a couple of different ways, or leave it plain - both work. It is also good for boeuf bourguinon, beef stew, chili, stirfry…

Cheapskate for serving cheap steak.

Just kidding–it sounds yummy!

I don’t remember. Round roast? Something like that. We did London broil last time. It was 4 July, and that’s all they had left. It was pre-marinated. Fairly tasty, but tough. The ones we made last time and the time before the London broil were regular roasts with lots of marbling.

Serve? We ate it ourselves. But I’d have no problem serving it, since it was so good.

Thanks for this thread! I have a butt-load of roasts left from the 1/4 beef we bought. Most of the steaks have been grilled and eaten already and I have been looking for things to do with the roasts besides my usual throw-it-in-the-crock-pot with a bunch of veggies. I put a sirloin tip roast in the microwave to defrost and fired up the charcoal.

PS -I love that Montreal seasoning - is there anything it doesn’t taste good on? I mix it in with my ground beef before throwing burgers on the grill.

What I like to do, is marinate (fancy word for soak) the meat in beer overnight. Any leftover beer goes to me :smiley: It gives the meat a nice taste that is just a little bit different.

I’ve found that tri-tip roasts up well on the 'que, so I look for sales on tri-tip and stock up. The leftovers slice up well for sammies the next day, especially if I managed to roast the meat a pleasantly bloody medium rare.