Chearleaders - Wher else besides America?

What other countries have cheerleaders at sporting events other than America? Do they have cheerleaders in Canada? France? China? Etc.

Are there national championships for cheerleading in other countries?
For those those that don’t know cheerleading is, see the links below.

There aren’t cheerleaders in France.

There are cheerleaders for baseball games in Korea and Japan.

Some of the football codes in Australia have cheerleaders.

There were cheerleaders in my high school in Ontario, Canada.

I remember this because I had a crush big-time on one of them (Kathy Sano: straight-A’s, smart, gorgeous, a cheerleader, and in my grade-13 physics class… of course I didn’t have a chance. But still…)

heacy sigh

I’m not sure those are “Cheerleaders” in the sense the OP meant. Japanese “cheerleaders” are people who actually lead cheers. American “cheerleaders” are today essentially eye candy - attractive women or teenaged girls who dance so male fans can ogle them, and who represent the team at community functions.

Canada has cheerleaders at football at basketball games, just like the U.S.

Canada has cheerleaders.


Also baseball in Italy has cheerleaders, and I always enjoy seeing the Filipino national cheerleading championships on TV.

Prep schools in Northern Mexico have cheerleaders (“porristas”). I’m not so sure about the rest of that country, The North of Mexico tends more open United States influence, and middle class schools have basketball and American football as well as soccer.

Italy has baseball?

Not really what you would expect, is it?

My niece is part of a competition squad. Not all cheerleaders are vapid airheads or sex objects. Their uniforms are full coverage and convey self respect and professionalism. Also, they must maintain their grades to continue on the squad. Being attractive is not a prerequisite. Being an athlete and dedicating time and effort are.

Remind me never to go to one of her games. :stuck_out_tongue:

Many Japanese baseball teams do indeed have cheerleaders in the North American sense, i.e., young women in short skirts dancing around and stuff like that.

We don’t have cheerleaders in England. Don’t know about any other countries though.

Watching Family Guy on DVD with the Spanish subtitles on (hey, I like learning new words), I noticed that “cheerleaders” was translated as “porristas.”

Does “porristas” mean anything in Spanish-speaking places where there are no cheerleaders (in the US sense)? IOW, what is the root of “porristas”?

Depends on the sport I guess :slight_smile:

In England I’d only associate cheerleaders with Rugby League ( not the same as Rugby Union that most people in the world are used to watching). I’ve never been to such a game but my g/f says that at the last RL International she was at (England Vs All Blacks) there were two groups of pretty girls doing their thing on the pitch :slight_smile:

A quick search brought up this page…

which has several photos of the Rugby League cheerleader teams.

Baseball was introduced to Italy after The War, supposedly among workers building the American cemeteries. It is not clear where they got the pin striped, Day-Glo uniforms however.

Nice link, I didn’t know there was baseball in The Netherlands!

I don’t like sport but I could lose my citizenship for not correcting this. The All Blacks are RU. They retain a Godlike staus so one can not muck around with the name. They are currently on a winning streak so I could be deported if I didn’t I didn’t educate a Pom or two :D.

I believe the RL team is called the Kiwis (they are not so important so if I am wrong I get to stay). RL does seem to have Ra-ra girls though. The Warriors are the only NZ team in the AFL and they have cheerleaders…I think. I never managed to watch a whole game but I believe I saw short skirts.

To the best of my knowlege the AB’s don’t have cheerleaders. RU is all about being manly men…they don’t need no darn girls. Of course I can’t watch a whole game of that either so things may have changed but I think the Haka is the only Ra-ra the AB’s need.

… ::removes calm kiwi’s citizenship ::

:smiley: Just kidding!

The warriors play in the NRL-and yes they have a cheer squad… the Skycity Cheer team is the official Auckland cheerleading outfit-supporting both the Super 12 side and the NPC team… while there is only a very small base here in Kiwiland, the sport is growing, and they even had a nationals here a little while back…

…links, for the curious!