Chearleaders - Wher else besides America?

Ok how badly do I need to leave the country?

Are the RL lot called the Kiwis?

Do the AB’s have cheerleaders?

I really want to stay :slight_smile:

You can always hide out here in Canada for a while. We have the CFL and a number of IKEAs. :slight_smile:

I have booked your flight.


…the Skycity Cheerteam sometimes dress in black and perform at All Black games, as well as other cheer teams when they play at different provinces, but as far as I’m aware, no official team.

…oh, okay then. :smiley:

…and on the corporate franchising of cheerleading in NZ…

Must be one of those cultural things. If I remember my high school cheerleaders correctly, athleticism was not a prerequisite, but being attractive and popular were. Our high school cheerleaders were very attractive, but lacking on the athletic side. Oh well, a few giggles and a “sorry about that” always solved the problem.

To answer the OP, yes, we had cheerleaders in Canada. Yes, they were the most popular girls in high school. Yes, they tended to be vapid airheads and sex objects. Yes, they still do it at pro sports games. And yes, they’re washed up by age 25.

Bitter? Nah, not me. My wife got an education and is a professional in health care. More than the pretty cheerleaders at my high school ever accomplished. :smiley:

I’ve got a very nice photo of myself with a bunch of cheerleaders at a Sparta Prague game in the Czech Republic, so they definitely have them there.

I’ve seen them here at some events; I can’t think of any occasion when they weren’t just a pale imitation of American cheerleaders though.

Yeah, I’ve seen them at some low-level football games…

What I’ve always wondered is how in Britain, football crowds chant in unison without the aid of professional cheerleaders. I’ve never quite been able to pick out how it starts, just that everyone joins in. I suppose it’s like unathletic/untrained fans begin the chants and have the status to encourage others to join (ie. if I started one I’d just be ignored)!

On the other hand, when I was at uni in the US, all chants were started by the cheerleaders and the crowd of c.80k picked it up. Maybe deserves a thread of its own?

Another Kiwi doper checking in.
Nvme77 refers to competition cheerleading, the non eyecandy athletic version. This “sport” has now found a home in the Southern Hemisphere:
NZ Herald

Australia has sport cheerleading as well as cheerleaders for Rugby League, Union etc. Cheerleading is under the Gymnastics Australia banner, under General Gymnastics. It’s only recently been taken over by GA, and it’s still a fledgling sport. There is a school program as well.

Here’s info on the Cheerleading Champs: (sorry, no pics ;))

I’ve been to about 5 games in the UK and 50+ here in France.
Each time there were always people, just plain fans, whose job was to get the crowd singing. They’d be part of the offical fan-club I guess, and would hand out flags, banners and get the people singing.
Sometimes, esp in Paris, they wouldn’t even be watching most of the game, prefering to do their active part in rousing the crowd.

Cheer up.


No cheerleaders really in Ireland though I reckon it’s only a matter of time. Kids watch a LOT of American TV programmes and I have seen at least one school who had about three cheerleaders at a tennis tournament :confused: .

Really though they were just kids who weren’t playing who got to come along carrying pom poms and wearing their ordinary gym uniform. they didn’t seem to have any ‘routines’. The only thing they did differently to any other supporters was that they just waved their pom poms when they were cheering…

Time to do something about then :slight_smile: *Wouldn’t mind see you in a cheerleading kit * :stuck_out_tongue: :rolleyes:

The confusion may stem from the use of cockney rhyming slang, since few nonBrits are familiar with the term “Flying Beerfeeders”.

There seems to be a significant cheerleading scene in Germany - this Open Directory category lists 66 sites of teams/clubs/squads. The German-language Open Directory apparently categorizes cheerleading as a dance sport. As all sports in Germany (*) and most of the non-US world this is not done in a school/college context but organized in independent associations/clubs.

  • apart from mandatory physical education classes at school, and sports science degree courses at university.

Quoth Nvme77:

I won’t disagree with this: Anything you can see in gymnastics, you can see in cheerleading, as well as things like one cheerleader holding another overhead, or even towers three or four tiers high. Certainly, this takes strength and skill. But I’m not sure how strongly this counters the assertation of “eye candy”. Fundamentally, the cheerleaders are there to be watched, regardless of whether it’s primarily their skill and athleticism that’s being watched or their boobies. And in the U. S., cheerleading routines are largely independent of the events of the sporting match they accompiany, and they are not just coordinating the fans in their Ra-Ra.

I don’t think so. For one thing, gymnasts have a sprung floor, which means they can go higher in leaps and tumbling, and so can do more difficult skills. For another, you can bet your bottom dollar no cheerleader trains as much as a senior elite gymnast, so the level of skill will reflect that.

Also, the skill sets are quite different. In (artistic) gymnastics, leaps and jumps are just as important as the tumbling, and of course there are no lifts or throws.

That is, Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. Men do very few leaps (etc), their’s is more based on tumbling and strength.

blergh! Theirs?

The team works on a spring floor as well and they do have cheerleaders that cross compete as gymnasts. However eventually a girl has to decide whether to go the cheer or gymnast route.

Our gym had a gymnast at Sydney in 2000 (?), of course she wasnt a cheerleader. That’s just the caliber of teaching gym that can produce several cheer teams. My niece practices 10 hours a week and she is nine. Trust me, if I didn’t think she was capable or the results were not worth it, we might not be there. I’m the one who drives her and gets to hang with the oh so cool gym moms for 10 hours as well.