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You guys could use some Demo-Rage™. It really gets you going!(NO, it isn’t a drug)


Advance, and be recognized!

Ok, I’m a traveler from another board(hence my name). And we are itching for it over there, but for some reason, wanting it(demo) makes you hyperactive. It was a stupid idea that I made popular.


Since you can’t edit posts on this board, I’ll elaborate on my previous post.

Demo-Rage™ is a condition I guess. In which a BZ fanatic’s gaming need’s are not met. Thus the poster starts to go crazy.

Stage 1: Slurred speech, a few really off topic ideas.

Stage 2: Absurd ideas are constant and random

Stage 3: Ideas are getting hard to come by, but by now, the ideas are just pointless.

Stage 4: No recorded cases yet

Most ppl at my board are either at 1 or 2. Only a select few(me included) have gotton to 3 and obtained a bonus round.


Hmm…sound like most people here are at 1 or 2!

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News Flash: You have to be a BZ fanatic. I’m converging on stage for. If you wish to become one check out

(Active link to commercial site deleted - Nick)

I’m not endorsing, just leading:4

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Yes Nick… My link at the end of my posts is harmful and commercial, but this thread is wholesome and isn’t trying to sell us anything…

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Geeze Louise, Sate, you coulda just told me via email instead of screaming in public.
I can’t read every thread every day, guy!
(Can’t fallen angels have a heart, too?)

Sorry Nick…