Check out my Monkey-Cam!!!!

I bought a web-cam today, and finally got it set up…so go check it out at so I won’t feel as if I wasted fifty bucks!!! :smiley:

I see you… :slight_smile:

Me too, and you’re cute!

Thanks…you’re making me blush!!!


Yep. Yer cute. :slight_smile:

goes to look again

LMAO at oldscratch!!! …too funny…
BTW… fifty bucks??? My guess is its the “Logitech Quickcam Express”… no? 5.32 software?? Though the picture looks better then that usually provides…

I figured it wasn’t worth the extra $20 to pay for the software I could get for free off the net. Oh, and I did show my tits earlier for my girlfriend…maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get a repeat performance. Mardi Gras is quickly approaching, after all!!!