Check out this freaky virtual head! (non-sexual, sorry)

Ack! That is just creepy.
I’m not sure why it gives me the creeps. Maybe something with her eyes?

Wow! That is, indeed, freaky. It’s hovering around the uncanny valley, but I think it’s actually starting to work it’s way up the other side.

She needs to get some sleep. Why are her eyes so bloodshot?

^^Yeah, beowulff is right…what’s she been up to?

She’s staring at my soul!

It’s creepy because of the “uncanny valley” CaerieD mentioned:

I agree it’s on the far side of the valley, some tweaking might take her out of there.
I did some searching on the company that made this yesterday, and IIRC they are actually claiming to make these from a single digital photo. If that’s true, it’s quite an accomplishment.

I can’t view it, or see it…I’ll try it at home. Any other links possible?

That’s amazing! But there’s no way they could have gotten it from one photograph. Look at the neck.

And it’s not particularly creepy at all. It is most certainly not as creepy as these.

can’t sleep - freaky virtual head will eat me.

I think it’s a mosaic of retouched photo textures over a 3D rendered mesh.

Right click and select ‘zoom in’. Her eyes are very bloodshot.

Actually, looking at the neck, you can see where the illusion doesn’t quite work and how it is just one photo. When you move your mouse upwards, she looks up and her chin rises, but you’re not seeing any new areas of neck below it - it just stretches what you already can see, as if she has a big wattle - which is obviously not the case.

Her eyes follow the mouse!!! Very freaky. (I assume everyone else figured this out, but it took me a while).

And wouldn’t her hair move more if it were more than one photo?

So…this is a computer animation of an actual person, not an artist’s creation of a person from scratch, right? That’s probably why it’s just on the far side of the uncanny valley. Little things, like the teeny mole on her left collarbone, the imperfection on her chin and the skin creases in her neck, make it okay. Other little things, like her oddly “perfect” teeth, make it wrong. In general, it’s her mouth that’s wrong, IMHO. She manages to crawl out of the uncanny valley while looking around, but then she twitches her lips and smiles slightly, and the muscles and teeth are just not right. Guess that’s why photo-realistic animation still fails once they speak. Her lower eyelids don’t move up to meet her upper lids when she blinks, either.

And her hair doesn’t move, it stretches. That’s just wrong.

Also, note that when she’s looking all the way to one side or another, one cannot see more of her hair (as you would if it were a “real” 3D model). It never shows more of her hair than it does when she’s looking straight-on.

I hope there will be a web page to upload our own pics at some point. What a great effect from such little data.

Kinda cute, looks like she needs to get some sleep.

Yeah, call me back when there’s a full-body version :wink:

here’s a better implementation of some of the same concepts:


What is that haircut called? I want that haircut!


I’d call it a long razor cut shag. Screen cap it, print it out and take it with you to the salon, and it won’t matter what you call it.