Check out this lightning shot I took yesterday!

I’m pretty impressed. I finally caught a good one after spending about 2 hours taking random time lapse pics of the clouds. There’s a couple more in that album if you want to browse.
We got a fairly good dumping of rain the last few days and many parts of the state are bailing out from all the water they got, but at least I was able to get something positive out of it.

Lightning shots

Nice pics! We were taking pictures of flooding a couple days ago too. The water’s receding from our area and it looks like it receded to Des Moines.

those are some of the best lightning shots I’ve ever seen, well done!

I really liked your first pic with the quadruple return stroke…

Cool lightening pics.

I also like the ones with the people canoeing through the flooded park. And I like your location too. :smiley:

Nice to see that despite your situation, you’re at the “making lemonade” stage.

Cool pics, indeed.

Terrific pictures. Look at how that main bolt sort of “separates” itself into three parallel ones. Fascinating stuff.

Darn for some reason my browser won’t open your photos. :frowning:

What was your technique for getting the shots?

I like the last one, with the lighting off in the distance - very ominous. They’re all spectacular, though.

Really excellent pics!!

I’ve got the camera set on full manual with the ISO set to 100, the aperture set to 9, shutter open for 30 seconds and mounted on a tripod.

BTW, thanks for the compliments guys. That’s the most rewarding part, seeing your craft enjoyed by others. :slight_smile:

Photo 7 just replaced the horror in Hal Briston’s basement as my screen saver. I hope you don’t mind.

Perfect, one of my buddies did the same thing on his laptop.

In case anyone’s interested, I landed another one!
In the same album linked in the OP. Photo number 9.
That strike looks like it goes from my gutter to the evergreen tree on the next lot, when in reality it originated almost directly overhead and struck about two blocks away. Too close for comfort almost.
Pretty much the same conditions as the first group. Lots of lightning and luck.