check returned unpaid NSY

Bank of America grumble grumble

I sent a check through my banks bill pay, BoA gets it says thanks, then it says no thanks and socks me with a returned check charge. The payment was returned for NSY. I know NSF, but what is NSY?

My accounts are never even close to overdraft, I gotta find out whats going on, but while Im holding whats NSY stand for?

and TIA!

NonSufficient Yttrium?

You never paid for your Navel Ship Yard , did you? :dubious:

No Signature [Y-something]?

Call BOA and ask them. You can find out in a couple minutes, and maybe get the charge reversed. You don’t know until you contact them. Be sure to be nice.

Not Signed in Yellow

You were supposed to send them a CD containing Nova Scotia Yodeling. You’d better send it out today, and pay for next day delivery.

if only it were that simple. yesterday was a busy call center day so I had to hold and hold only to be told since Im not an authorized user (my bad, but I will be by the end of the day) they cannot speak to me so off to email…

they cancelled my payment because a stop payment order was put on it (i didnt get around to asking about NSY ( non sequitar yammering)) Funny I didnt request that stop payment and funnier still the check number that they got the request for was not the check number on my bank issued check (I use bill pay). My $50 check to BoA already cleared my bank.

Someone screwed up, and someone is gonna pay. But im gonna be nice about it, no doubt. 0.0 % interest for a year on that balance gives us a lot of breathing room in the budget we’re gonna be nice.

I looked closer at the NSY the y has an umlaut over it. :dubious:

It sounds as if things will get straightened out. Good luck.

Maybe Y=Year, like the year on the check was 2006 by mistake? I don’t know how that would happen, though, if it was some automated thing through your bank.

Looks like the yodeling guess was on the money.

Im sure there was some yodeling at corporate BOA this AM!

We’ve been expunged! A BoA error, which they still have to mop up their mess with other account holder.

THis was my first payment on this new visa, it makes me feel slightly nervous this error in a simple transaction. Isn’t BoA the bank that is always the victim of phishing, thus the reason for site keys and challenge questions and voice recognition? :eek:


Ask BofA to send you a letter, acknowledging their error and confirming that your account is in good standing with no late payments reported to the consumer reporting companies or internal records that are used for the purpose of reporting directly to other financial institutions (thereby circumventing the official credit reporting agencies, but giving you a black mark, anyway).

If you can’t get them to agree to send you something in writing, you do the writing, confirming the details of your phone conversation, and close by asking for a reply in writing. Then, in about 30 days, request a free copy of your credit report from one of the 3 agencies, which you’re entitled to by law, and make sure there are no late payments showing up on it. Then, a couple of months after that, contact another one of the reporting companies and get your free copy from them, just to be sure nothing popped up in the interim. After that, you can be pretty sure it won’t, but I certainly wouldn’t leave it to chance.

Follow up to Shayna very good advice. More important that the credit agencies (which do not always have bank/check related stuff like this). Is to check your Chex Systems report:

This is a database that only banks use (and they do not publicize, notice that their webpage is deliberately confusing as to whether this is the actual Chex Systems homepage, which it is). But it IS covered by the FCRA and you do have the right to a copy of your report.

I thought I was in the clear after I got my ID stolen until much later I discovered (when I tried unsuccessfully to open a bank account) that there was a bunch of stuff Chex Systems.