Checking in on Mods

I can’t imagine the difficulties all you mods are having right now with losing Jenny, handling the post-move issues, and being short-staffed. I’m sure it’s been a long, rough ride. I just wanted to thank you for sticking with this and with us and to say I hope things are somehow improving for all of you.

I agree, @nelliebly, and thanks for posting this. We are all pretty willing to gripe and should be equally willing to appreciate.

Yes, mods, you are appreciated, even if we don’t remember to say so.

Yeah, what they said. If there’s anything that any of us can do, I hope y’all know we’d step up. Or sit down or whatever.

Yep, it’s one of those jobs where, if you’re doing it well, all you’ll hear is silence. So I’ll take a moment to join in, break the silence, and say a sincere Thank You to all for your efforts.


Yes, thanks for working on it. And yes, it’s kind of like cleaning house: invisible except for what isn’t done. Spend all day vacuuming and getting the stink out of the curtains from before the tomcat got neutered? What’s obvious is that there are dishes in the sink.

:+1: :point_up:

Hear here!!

Back in the vBulletin days I ended my (fairly few) mod reports with something akin to “Thanks for all that all of you do for all of us every day.”

It was true then and it’s doubly true this last few months.

Is Tom (anddeb) still around? Can’t say I’ve seen him post anything since the move.

Agree. Thanks so much.