Checking out the new software

Figured it’s a momentous ocassion, it deserves its own thread. Rolleyes is no longer animated, BTW: :rolleyes:

But we can preview our posts :smiley:

Which shows me that it seems to have lost my sig :mad:

OK, sig still there. And we can set it to display in our own time zone!

I like, I like.

Well the “views” number is interesting.

is there anyplace that teaches how this works?

or is it

:eek: :slight_smile: :frowning: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :rolleyes: italics bold


“Go to first unread post,” eh? Nice one.


will code make ASCII work?

                L  L


Good lord, that’s a frightening picture!

Don’t mind me, just noodlin’ around…

There’s a rudimentary FAQ; click on FAQ in the upper right hand corner of any page.

But it’s not too different from what you’re used to, no?

your humble TubaDiva

Thank you concrete, now I am gonna have nightmares!


First let’s see if it uses the same quote tags:

OK so far…
Now to check out the smilies…[wait] [/wait]

Hmm, still has the same ugly rendition of Big Grin smiley!

Let’s see what it does with an URL:
…with an url input as hyperlink:
Allan’s Webby Site
…with an inserted picture hyperlink…
<IMG SRC= ALT=“SDMB Folder Icon Should Be Here”>

And with this one I changed the subject line. Does it end up in the same thread anyway? Does it display the new subject line at all?

Just a test, nothing to see here:

italics bold