Checking something out

just testing something. everyone ignore this.

Did it work?

< checks bottom of shoe >

Well, that was disappointing

Seems a pity to give it up now after all the effort.

Well that’s a sure fire way to get people not to ignore this. What are we not ignoring anyway now that you brought it up?

The reason for this topic was to see if making another post would get a failed post out of limbo. It didn’t work. The failed post was due to my connection with the router going down while I was writing one. I wasn’t sure how to get back to it, because I didn’t think of the Drafts section of the user control panel or whatever it’s called on Discourse.

Anyway, when I started this topic, it seems to have lost the other post, even though I told it not to get rid of it.

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  • I ignored this thread.
  • I did not ignore this thread.
  • I’m ignoring this poll.

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