Something is broken


Well, did you pass?

Not by a long shot


I’m just wondering if I can post, or if there’s lingering effects from the downtime…

ETA: I can! I guess everyone else just went to bed or stopped trying to log on…

ETA 2: Hm, it seems both that I can post AND there are lingering effects, in terms of post visibility.

seeing if i can post threads

I am unable to quote the most recent post in this thread.

There’s some weird shit going on here.

As far as I can see, the last posts on the SDMB were about 5 hours ago. Has everyone gone quiet, or am I the only one here (as happened a while ago)?

Is there some kind of weird DNS issue?

No, I think the problem is that new posts are not showing up. They exist, but they are invisible.

I can’t see new threads or new posts.

Sorry fo the vague title, but something is wrong with the SDMB and I don’t know exactly what it is. Any post made after about 2:33 am today (EST) cannot be quoted. The posts also do not show up when you try to view a single post, and they do not show up if you do a “New Posts” search.

I’ve sent a message to our admins.

If you know of anything else that is broken, please post it here in this thread.

Yes, there’s no problem with posting, but the last 5 hours of posts are invisible in “New Posts” and in lists of posts on the various branches.

I recently started a thread about it here:

Something is broken. Any post made after about 2:33 am (EST) can’t be quoted and doesn’t show up on a New Posts search. The posts also do not show up properly if you try to view a single post. I attempted to post a new thread about it in ATMB and the thread never showed up, so new threads might be broken as well.

I sent a message to our admins letting them know we have a problem.

I’m noticing the same thing. I can only find new threads by changing the thread number in the browser (this is 827464).

People are posting, but new threads aren’t showing up in the forum menus.

I can make new posts, and see other’s new posts in the threads, but not in forum menus. I can only find new threads by changing the thread number in the browser (this one is 827468). I’ve been finding new threads by adding 1 each time.

In Tapatalk when I open a thread I get a message at the bottom “You do not have permission to reply.” At first I thought maybe I had been suspended or banned! I logged on to the laptop and everything seems to be OK. Could that be part of the weirdness going on? Usually I chalk stuff like this up to an overnight update to Tapatalk.