checks and balances and governing rules

I just got thru replying to Was I Wrong? a minute go stating that having read through that thread I got the impression that the purpose of the TSD web site was not to just provide entertainment, relaxation, exchange of ideas and education. I noted that when I went to reply that the Thread was closed. Does the moderator or administrator have the right to arbitrarily close threads, stop threads from being introduced etc.? Where are the checks and balances for all of us INCLUDING moderators regarding which books should be burned and whose ideas to delete?

Skelton, if you read the last two posts in that thread, you will see that I asked that the thread be closed, in light of nastiness going on in GD at the moment. It is indeed a general rule that the OP can request that a thread s/he started be closed, and if the request is reasonable it will be honorable. I saw Ed online, IM’d with him, and made the request, which he honored, for for which I thank him.