B'bye, SDMB (Don't read this, it's long)

My second and already final post. Ahhhh, the sadness of it all.

Welp, this is interesting. I’m looking at a post called “any wankers out there?” or something similar in MPSIMS. Many of the replies were relatively amusing I thought, compared to some of some of the other posts I’ve seen on these boards in the past. Lo and behold, Arnold Winkelried has decided it’s “beneath” the SDMB to carry on such a discussion and has closed it.

Now, to be sure, I fully understand the need for moderators, in case discussions get insulting, or rude, or otherwise out of control, but come on, killing a thread because he thinks “we’re capable of a more thought-provoking thread than that at the SDMB”? Smells like elitism to me. I thought everybody was welcome here? Or is there a required level of real-life application that has to go into each and every question posed on these boards? Is the SDMB only for intelligentsia and people with PhDs? Or are all welcome?

IS or IS NOT the particular forum in question called “MPSIMS… Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share. For general chatter, great thoughts, etc.”? Welp, a masturbation survey certainly strikes me as mundane & pointless, even if it isn’t exactly a “great thought”. But I can think of quite a few other threads I’ve seen that were much more pointless and far less entertaining than joking about masturbation. Apparently Mr. Winkelried doesn’t agree and this discussion didn’t meet with his standards, therefore it’s dead.

And, yes, I know the difference between censorship and moderation. You have blurred the line, IMHO, and there are other threads ATM that are more pointless and unintelligent, and I will be looking to see if they get closed by you in the near future as well. For example, I noticed a thread earlier involving “Middle-eastern jokes”. I wasn’t aware that racism & regionalism were staples of IMDB humor. Silly silly me.

For the record, I know this thread was killed right after my first post to SDMB. That’s not what has me all riled up, so before y’all start thinking “geez, this guy sure is pissed about being stepped on” no, that’s not the case at all. I know Mr. Winkelried probably wouldn’t target anyone specifically. That’s not the point. My point is that, apparently, SDMB moderators feel that they are here to decide what we, as readers, find interesting and amusing. Along this vein, they feel it’s their right to force us to post only topics that they approve of (or, at least, Mr. Winkelried does… others may also). So, that being said, I will not be frequenting SDMB anymore. Not because the posts are offensive, or inane, or unintelligent, or for any other reason than the singular fact that I’ve seen a moderator kill a message because it wasn’t “intellegent enough”, in his opinion. That’s pitiful and elitist and I don’t wish to be a member of this kind of community.

Best of luck to all,

Anyone want to start a pool on how long until he posts to this thread again?

Wow. We haven’t had a “Board suicide” note in a while. I forgot how little I miss them…

“Goodbye, cruel world…” blahblahblah…


[Obligatory caution regarding doors and asses]

Well at least he’s an overachiever - two posts and already in a rut. :rolleyes:

I am curious as to why a thread about masturbation was closed since it seems to be something we talk about on a near daily basis. Is there a link around?


Ummm, why would you care if you’re leaving?

You are looking at this from the wrong direction; we’re not here to pass approval on what you may, or may not, find interesting or amusing, we’re here to control content as directed by the SDMB’s owners, the Chigago Reader. Which has not a thing to do with what any particular member finds interesting.


I think he’ll be back, as he doesn’t seem to know which message board he walked away from.

Actually, I thought that the OP made a valid point especially considering that the leading question addressed by Mr Adams today regards sex with animals . I’m also curious as to why other posters become so defensive when a complaint is voiced? Is the general consensus now** SD-Love or Leave It? **

Here’s the thread, jarbaby. And I wonder how closely the OP read Arnold’s post. He didn’t say a thread on masturbation was beneath us, but that it could be a little more…uh, thought-provoking than a “do you?” poll. Seemed like a reasonable judgement call to me. And since it’s a mod’s job to make judgement calls, we aren’t always gonna agree–by definition.

It’s not the complaint that most of us seem to have taken exception to. It’s the whole “goodbye, cruel cyber-world!” thing. Some people seem to have this driving need to detail a) the fact that they’re ostensibly leaving the Boards, b) just why they are doing so, and c) making the obligatory Eva Peron wave to their adoring subjects.

Although with 2 posts total, there can’t be too many adoring subjects of this one…


ya know, this is a message board. the OP is pissing and moaning about why a thread got closed on a message board.

Wasn’t an artist who’d labored for their lifetime to achieve a work of art only to be panned by all the critics.

wasn’t a woman who’d undergone pregnancy and birth only to be told “gee your baby’s ugly”.

wasn’t a groom told on his wedding day “is that the best you could do?”

wasn’t a failing mark in a course that would make or break their career.

It was a MPSIMS thread that was locked. OH, the humanity. Won’t some one please for once, think of the children .

get a grip. If this is indeed the worst injustice you’ve experienced in life, then you are indeed a lucky, lucky individual.

I’m getting tired of this sort of thing.

I’m beginning to wonder how many people find this board by accident and think “Hey, a new message board I can post to, and ain’t this fun, and gawdammit I’ve been here five minutes and the Evil Moderators closed my thread already. I guess I’ll just pick up my marbles and go home.”

This is the Straight Dope Message Board. It started with just “General Questions” and “Comments on Cecil’s Columns.” Have you even read one of the columns, Stork? Does “fighting ingnorace since 1973” ring any bells with you?

Granted, I only have seventy-odd posts, and most of them have been in MPSIMS or Fenris’ silly thread in ATMB, but I have lurked here for years. We(they) debate, question, discuss and bicker. It doesn’t matter, because it all goes back to the original principle - “fighting ignorance.”

You can get a really useful education here.

Posting a masturbation thread and then bitching when it gets closed is not a good way to meet and greet a bunch of really smart people from whom you could actually learn something.

For the record, Stork did not start the thread in question.

I think the question is interesting. If AW thought it was more of an IMHO question, why not move it? He said himself it was because he didn’t want to subject his fellow mods to it.

It’s confusing to me, seemed harmless enough.

Ahem! Here’s Arnolds full post:

This is hardly a case of “ew, no talking about jerking off!!” In true SDMB spirit, our estemeed moderator is 1) pointing out that surveys go in [
b]IMHO** and 2) reminding us that the bar for sophmoric conversations is much, much higher. We are all supposed to have very very clever dirty little minds.

To avoid having this happen again, let’s do another fun little forum review:

ATMB Is there anything illegal about masterbating while reading this message board?

Comments on Cecil’s Columns “Cecil says here that autoerotic asphyxiation is fairly common. I wanted to know if what I do qualifies.”

** Comments on Staff Reports **: “Here Euty seems to be admitting to masterbaiting. Isn’t that evil?”

GQ: “Can you hurt yourself jerking off?”

GD: “Is it wrong to tell your kids not to masterbate? Is it wrong to not buy them dirty magazines?”

IMHO “Ever masterbated while talking on the phone to a parent? Did you tell them?”

MPSIMS “Tell your favorite masterbation story!**”

BBQ Pit “If I wake up to find my husband masterbating into my ear one more time . . .!!!”

You see, Stork, the problem with that thread wasn’t that it was dirty, it’s that it was banal.(and in the wrong forum). I’m pretty sure that all of the above thread would have been left open. The only related thread I could think of that would be closed for content would be one asking for very detailed sexual fantasies: they draw a very shakey, thin line there.
And on preview:

Because it takes more resources (i.e., precious bandwidth) to move a thread than it does to close it. Very boring threads get snipped.

In fairness to the mod’s, I must confess that I just hopped over to read the actual thread :o. Aiyaa. ** It was pretty damn inane. ** Not a total wash thanks to the titillating comments of UncleBill and one or two others but, for the most part, just a roll call of wankers.

If he’s really gone, he won’t mind his thread being closed.