Cheep Boston Hotel?

I’m going to be spending a few days in Boston, and need a recommendation for a cheep place to stay. I don’t mind not being downtown, if I can walk to a T stop from the hotel. Any thoughts?

There’s a bed and breakfast in Cambridge called Harding House. Here’s my [post=9609215]post[/post] about it from 2008. I loved it! My only relationship with them is as a happy customer.

I just stayed at the Boston Omni Parker House which is right in the middle of downtown. It was very reasonably priced (for Boston, anyway); actually less expensive than many suburban hotels. It is very nice, but the rooms are bit small. Depending on when you will be there, it can be reasonable or expensive.

Last time my wife and I stayed in Boston we stayed at a B&B owned by the Society of Friends (aka “Quakers”). It was very inexpensive and located right in the middle of Boston. There was a big communal kitchen, and you had to cook your own breakfast and wash your own dish. No TV. Bathroom at the end of the hall. But you said cheap.

A good “cheep” lodging might be a bird sanctuary guesthouse :smiley: sorry, I couldn’t resist

I stayed at the Milner Hotel a couple of times. The Internet connection was unreliable, but apart from that, it wasn’t too bad.

And you got to stay in a hotel that has employed both Malcolm X and Ho Chi Minh.