Cheers on Netflix

The entire series of Cheers was recently put up for streaming on Netflix.

#1: This is freakin’ sweet!

#2: I’ve only watched the first dozen episodes or so but some of the episodes are in 4:3 and others are in 16:9 widescreen. I know that the series was originally shot on film in 16:9 then broadcast in 4:3, but it’s strange that what Netflix has is mixed. Again, I’ve only streamed the first 12 episodes but it’s bizarre that it keeps going back and forth.

#3: In many of these early episodes I’m noticing that every now and then a shot will be focused wrong, e.g. the background is in focus instead of the primary subject. Interesting that something that fundamental would make it through to final broadcast on a major network show. Granted, I’ve only noticed this a few times in the very earliest episodes, but still.

#4: Did I mention this is freakin’ sweet?

Yeah, I’ve watched the first 3. One of my favorite shows.

That show has a lot of childhood memories for me. I love it, though I haven’t seen an episode in at least a decade.

I’m watching it on Netflix right now! The same time it went up, the complete Andy Griffith Show and Wings also went up, in case either of those shows is also of interest.

Sweet! One of my favorite shows of all time.

Watching a few episodes tonight I noticed something else: the waitresses name actual brands when giving Sam their orders, e.g. Heineken, Lowenbrau, Bushmill’s, etc. Never happen today. Not without blatant product placement, at least.

There’s a thread that mentions Cheers on the Hallmark Channel, and that the episodes have been edited - does anyone know if Netflix is showing unedited, original episodes?

^The other thread^

JohnT, Netflix shows everything unedited, so I would assume this is the case. It’s the DVD releases streamed.

I am so glad I saw this thread! I’ve been streaming them before going to bed now the last couple of nights. The first thing that stood out for me was the theme song - I had become so used to hearing the shortened version on reruns that the longer version took me by surprise. I had also forgotten that Cliff wasn’t written at the time as the caricature he’d later become. In these first episodes he’s just a bar “know it all” who seems to be at least a little popular with most of the guys there. The show has held up remarkably well and most of the jokes seem to be just as funny now as they were back then. It’s hard to believe it’s nearly 30 years old. I work with people that weren’t even born yet when that show first aired! As if that wasn’t bad enough they’ve never seen the show either… sad. Hopefully now that it’s streamed it will attract a new generation of fans.