cheese fries?

Saw a commercial I think for Burger King.
You get their fries, then put them in a bag with cheese powder and shake.
Anyone tried these?
Are they good?

Seeing as how they are marketing them to kids, I’m gonna guess they are bad. I’m not brave enough to even try them myself.

It’s a total bastardization of the real thing – fries with a real cheese sauce (or a close simulation like Cheez Whiz) on top. In LA (and probably other places, too), you can get them with chili as well.

Proper cheese fries can be quite good, if they’re sufficiently hot; years ago I worked near downtown LA, and used to have chili cheese fries for lunch at least once a week.

Mmmm, cheese fries… but I agree, I’d steer clear of the BK variety. Burger King just isn’t the natural habitat of the cheese fry.

Moving from the plain variety, you can also add chopped bacon and maybe a ranch dipping sauce for the more upscale version.

About 5 years ago the Taco Bell about 20 blocks away had french fries with nacho cheese sauce on them. Oh man I’d go every day to get them. And what really did it good was the creamy cheese sauce.

Since this is powder I don’t have high hopes. Sounds kinda like hot cheetos. But I’m always willing to give things a try. I’ll report back when I do.

Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man oh man.

Cranky’s poor husband.

They don’t call it cheese powder for nuthin.

cheese curds
chicken gravy

Real cheese fries? Duh-licious.
Cheese dust on BK fries? Well, my son thinks they look good. They do have that bright orange cheez color, so they can’t be all bad!

Yeah, that sounds pretty nasty, like you took the packet of cheese powder from Mac & Cheese and put it on fries. For what it’s worth, Jack in the Box has bacon/cheddar potato wedges which are really good.

French fries with cheese and gravy…aww, yeah. That and a cup of coffee at a diner is all you need, sometimes.

You’re getting dangerously close to the Hot Brown available from the Dwarf House restaurants in and around Atlanta, Ga (the sit-down version of Chick-fil-a).

It features a Chick-fil-a chicken breast, diced, mixed with hashbrowns, gravy and cheese served in a bowl.

I ate one in 1994 and still have clogged arteries.

You are my hero. This is one of my favorite “yield to temptation” indulgences. I freakin’ LOVE gravy cheese fries.

5 and Diner here in Phoenix (don’t know if they’re a national chain or not) does them up nicely.

I am drooling just thinking about that. Sounds … oh my God, I’m at a loss for words. My arteries will hate me for it, but I must try these. (What kind of gravy? I assume chicken…)

FTR, I work at a Burger King and I am scared to death of those fries. On thier own, they are tasty … but I refuse to put powdered cheese on anything, much less fries.


I am not sure of the geography of this chain, but here in Cincinnati, we have two resturants, Gold Star, and Skyline, and they both have great chili cheese fries. Probably one of the messiest items on the menu, but well worth it. If anyone goes through Cincinnati, Gold Star and Skyline are a must. The classic Cincinnati chili must not be passed over. It is different, but that is what makes it good.

MMMMM, Los Quates green chile cheese fries…

Los Quates is a Mexican food joint in Albuquerque (wierd fact, they have 2 locations, across the street from each other). They take fries, smother them in green chile sauce and then melt cheddar on top. Man, just thinking about them has me drooling. And I won’t even go into the red chile salsa.


Ok, I just tried them and I was right. It’s Cheetos. Only rather then puffed the potato is deep fried. Really you can get the same results by tossing you fries in a Cheetos bag and shaking it up. I would not be surprised if the powder is exactly the same as the Cheetos powder. Not at all.