Cheese sauce

Is that bright yellow “cheddar sauce” Arbys uses actually cheese or is it just some artificial non-dairy manufactured cheese like substitute?

At Arby’’s nutrition calculator, you can view the ingredients. The ingredients listed for the “Cheddar cheese sauce” are water, hydrogenated soybean oil, modified corn starch, cheddar cheese, maltodextrin, and a bunch of stuff at less than 2% of the total.

Remember that ingrediants have to be listed in decending order from the greatest amount to the least.
So there’s more water then anything else.
More hydrogenated oil (shortening, margerine) then all but water.
Third down is some cheddar.

That’s not cheese. That’s shortening with a whiff of cheese. They foreman waves a pound of cheddar over it before it’s ship for a fresh cheese flavor. :dubious:

I missed the corn starch. there’s more corn starch than cheese in it.

The foreman must only wave an ounce of cheese over it before shiping.

It is nothing like real cheese, it is more like than abomination that is Velveeta.