Cheese Whiz

Just a commentary on how Cheese Whiz is the ultimate snack. Its tasty. Its fun to eat, both on crackers and straight from the can. And it does have its fun side as well. The only thing that can come close it the Twinkie–and that’s not nearly as much fun to play with.

The name says it all.

Pat’s Steaks in Philadelphia uses Cheez Whiz. If it’s good enough for the best cheesesteak in the world (IMHO) it’s good enough for me.

I use it to remove unwanted hair.

Eating it afterwards is optional


Yeah Cheese Whiz is the shit isn’t it? I just wish I could afford it being a broke college student…

My oldest son lives on it, and he never gets sick. Coincidence?

Are you sure you aren’t talking about that “spray cheese” crap. Cheese Whiz comes in a jar (except the industrial sized cans places like Pat’s use). You put it on your cheese-steak, cracker, etc. by spreading it with a knife, spatula, etc. How much fun is that?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Cheese Whiz, but I can’t stand “spray cheese.”

Love the stuff!

It’s great to buy those cheese pretzels and dip them in it before eating each one!

I add it to bean soup for a tasty flavory meal and it makes great mac and cheese!

Any potato chip dipped into it becomes a feast!

I wonder if someone has been watching The View.

Oh and Cheese Whiz JAMS on baked potatoes. Fry up some bacon, crumble (unless you are that lazy, they do have real bacon bits in a jar, not that crunchy fake crap called Baco Bits) along with some lightly steamed broccoli and you have a good meal.

Cheese Whiz and the product of an oozing carbuncle on the arse of a jackal are identical.

The spray cheese is called “EasyCheese” and is more fun to play with than actually consume.

Easy Cheese is indeed the stuff in the can. I love it on Pringles–fake cheese and fake potato chips, what better combination could there be?

Pringles aren’t fake. They’re made of real potatoes, they’re just reconstituted. Now Cheez Whiz on the other hand…that stuff contains no potatoes at all. Huh? Oh, and I don’t think it has any cheese in it either.

You left out “spackling blade” and “trowel”.

After posting on the sandwich thread about having peanutbutter and cheddar sandwiches as a kid, I decided to relive my youth and make one. Having no cheddar, I substituted Cheez Whiz. Fantastique! I had two for lunch yesterday and one for breakfast today. My wife thinks I’ve finally slipped my mooring, but damn, try it for yourselves, its great!

Does anyone here remember a comic strip called Hollenhead? Yours truly is nicknamed after one of the major characters, but more importantly, a character called Aldo Zeck confesses to using Cheez Whiz to style his hair.

i think cheez whiz is darn disgusting, but id step over my own mother to get at the rotel cheese dip, made with velveeta, which is, after all, colby, swiss and cheddar, blended all together.