Cheesiest guitarist in a music video

With youtube links, if you please.

I nominate this guy in the acoustic category:

What’s cheesy about him? His job was to play rhythm guitar and provide limited backing vocals at the end. He did that a helluva lot better than the babe with the boobs did singing the lead.

This is an infinite fractal of cheese. No single bit is less cheesy than the whole. The guitarist, therefore, is the cheesiest to ever appear. Special attention should be paid to all guitars appearing… or not appearing… in the video.

Both the YouTube links posted so far are blocked in my country… can we put artist and title alongside links please?

Yeah, I’m not seeing it either.

Kip Winger “playing” bass in “17”?

I think he’s just a funny-lookin’ dude. There’s nothing especially wrong about his performance.

Mine was Journey: Separate Ways (Worlds Apart). As in, invisible instruments, people singing into each other’s faces, denim everywhere, and the best warehouse loading docks New Jersey has to offer.

Michael Angelo Batio - starts off with normal stunt-hair-metal cheese - look! He shreds with this hands switched! But at ~1:45, the true *fromage *begins with his metal-harmony double neck playing. Technically boffo? No question. But he’s playing stunt guitar, not music. And oh, the cheese.

As soon as I saw this thread I thought of Batio, but I couldn’t remember the name of the song or the band. This is the ultimate right here.

Freight Train - Nitro

Agreed, there’s a high cheese factor for every band member in this one. (Though, as the band was from San Francisco, I suspect those are California warehouse loading docks… :wink: )

Edit: I stand corrected. Acc. to Wikipedia, those are New Orleans warehouse docks!

His facial expression and his body language. He is trying REALLY REALLY hard to look soulful and and like he’s really into the music.

I suppose this doesn’t count.

It’s Spinal Tap in their earlier Thamesman days, playing Gimme Some Money

That’s not cheese, that’s perfection! They got everything right: the types of guitars that, the clothes, the absurdly goofy smiley expression that the lead guitarist had while playing abysmal leads (no indicating of the kilt-wearing fury he’d become ;))…

If anything, that’s *processed *cheese…

Ah yes. “Daddy says she’s too young…but she’s old enough for me!”

That whole band reeks of cheese.

George Lynch of Dokken in Dream Warriors, no question. The fun starts about 30 seconds in.

Actually, the whole song and video ought to be eligible for some sort of cheese award.

Billy Squier - Rock me Tonight

Granted, he doesn’t play guitar much in the video but he is the guitarist for the song (as well as the lead singer).

Rock Me Tonight is just the worst thing ever, musical or otherwise. You can’t nominate that.


Can I nominate Alda Nova in Fantasy for using his guitar like a laser gun in the beginning of the video?

Is that where he does his floppy-arm goof dance that forced him to turn in his Man Card and disappear??

Video killed the radio star indeed.

Some of his songs were decent pop/hard rock and he is still a great guitar player who used to have some great gear (he had a 50’s sunburst Les Paul that was stolen from a studio he was working in…)