Chelsea Handler

Like her or not? I personally love her, I think she is hilarious. Chuy is awesome!
That said, the people on her panel are the most unfunny people I have ever seen. They don’t measure up to her, comedy-wise. Loni Love is almost there, same with that guy (I forgot his name, Jimmy I think it was) from last night.
I would love to be that funny one day. Having your own show would be terrific. :cool:

Nope. I can’t stand her. Anytime I see her on one of those “I love the 80s” type of shows, I bristle everytime she opens her mouth. When she had some sort of sketch show on E, after The Soup, I would accidentally catch the first few seconds. It was usually some idiotic joke about her uncle feeling her up or some crap like that.

I have to agree with** Nutty Butty**(a phrase I never thought I’d utter by the way).

My wife and I can’t stand Chelsea Handler. We just find her massively…unfunny. In a way, I wish she was funny so we would like her, but she just never has made either of us laugh.

Let’s not forget MASH, which pretty much introduces it’s entire cast aside from Donald Sutherland and Eliott Gould.

Sorry to hijack, but… :eek: Really? Golly, I always thought I was such a non-entity on these boards. What could anyone possibly disagree with me about? Did we vote for different American Idol contestants or something?

Ok, I admit it. I don’t find her funny all of the time. I guess I find her funny in the same way that I find Joel McHale funny, and that’s in the way that they lampoon celebs and make fun of themselves from time to time. But not all of her stuff makes me laugh. I find the panel discussion at the beginning of Chelsea Lately extremely dorky and stupid, and if she always says “Why do we care so much about Britney Spears?” then why does she have to talk about it on her show so much? I’M TIRED OF IT TOO!!

Bo Bice forever!


No, I meant that the phrase “I have to agree with Nutty Butty” had a certain alliteration or consonance to it that was odd. It’s just a bit of an odd username and it sounded funny in my mind.

Anyway, I hate Nutty Butty and all you stand for.



I’m not a big fan of Chelsea Handler. She reminds me of that one guy in high school that desperately wanted to be The Funny One. To me she just feels like she’s trying too hard, instead of being naturally funny.

Pretty much what he said.

Unless you’re a girl. In that case, “Pretty much what that she-male said”.

I agree, she tries to hard, and ends up with mediocre jokes. I dare say that Jenny Mcarthy is more funny. I might be smoten for that though.

She’s nowhere near as funny as she thinks she is. There’s usually a half decent idea in many of her sketches, somewhere, but her choice of words is bad and her delivery is awful.

She just fails to be funny.

I honestly haven’t seen enough of her to develop too powerful a distaste, although I really don’t get the feeling that I’m missing out on much.

Since her Wikipedia entry – at least at this very momemt – declares her to be insipid, clearly that must be true. Because I always trust when he/she/it makes changes to Wikipedia entries.

I watched her show occasionally when it was on E!, because it seemed like there were nuggets of good ideas, like amariinth said. The only part that I actually enjoyed was her celebrity dinner sketch, but that was only because the Tom Cruise and the Bono stole the show (which in all fairness wasn’t that difficult when compared to the rest of the show).

I have been trying to figure out what in the world you and I could have disagreed about.

It’s Nutty Bunny, though. It’s a *Kids in the Hall * reference.

I actually voted for Bo Bice.

I enjoy her show.

I was the one who is wrong.
I was just joking about the phrase “I have to agree with Nutty Butty” sounding funny.

And yes, for some reason I thought it was Butty, not Bunny. I was wrong.

Just pretend I never posted that. I’m an idiot and I apologize.

I generally liked the sketch show. The bits amused me more often than they bored me.

I haven’t seen the new show except for one sketch which I didn’t care for. Something else always seems to be on opposite it and it’s not really on my radar. No reason to think I wouldn’t feel the same about it as the sketch show.

Huh. And I thought this thread was about Hillary’s daughter’s lech of a boyfriend.

You might have been thinking about Nutter Butter’s, perhaps?

My wife so doesn’t get Chelsea Handler… she actually said “So, she’s a drunken slut with big tits - what’s the big deal?”, perhaps not realizing that her answer was within the question. :wink:

Her 30-something single alchoholic woman schtick is a bit old.