Chemical Brothers..FLOYD RipOff?

Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin’ Beats. The major “HOOK” in that song is this “funky” bass line. If you haven’t herd it…go get it of Napster.

Now…being a huge FLOYD fan I threw in “A Saucerfull of Secrets” and couldn’t help but be SHOCKED that the bass line on the song “Let there be More Light” seemed to be almost EXACTLY the same.


Checking them out now…I’ll let you know my opinion after my final analysis…

Ok…I do hear the similarity.

However, they’re certainly not identical.

First off, the Chemical Bros tune has a clear slap bass, while the Floyd tune is a bit more distorted and picked.

Also, the notes are different. The Chem Bros tune seems to hit 4 different pitches. The Pink Floyd tune, only 3.

But I do hear the similarity, and I’m not sure if it was intentional or not.

Regardless, two great tunes!!! :smiley:

Those are the hard facts I like to hear. Good JOB idiot boy.

Well thank you. Being a musician myself, I like to pride myself on having a good ear, if nothing else… :smiley:

idiotboy’s CD rocks!

I am waiting for the next one to come out.

Besides the fact that the “Block Rockin’ Beats” bass riff is in a different key, I know that the Chem’s riff comes from “Coup” by 23 Skidoo. The intervals are actually pretty common in pop music, esp. techno, so I’ve heard similar stuff a lot. To me, the Floyd song sounds more like the beginning of “Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith.

Idiotboy…every time I see your sig, I can’t help but wonder…


you’re killing me here. please tell.

hehehe mouthbreather…wouldn’t you like to know?! :smiley:

Let’s just say our guitarist had a little bicycling accident as a child…