Chemical trail traced with purple (UV?) light as seen on Better Call Saul

Season 1, Episode 7 of Better Call Saul (“Bingo”). Not necessarily really a spoiler but just to err on the side of caution, spoiler-boxed:

Mike spritzes a stack of cash with some unknown, apparently invisible liquid, which is driven on an RC car to the house of someone who is known to be keeping a big stockpile of cash somewhere in his house. The guy picks up the cash and takes it inside, and Mike later breaks in to the house wielding a purple light (I assume UV), which he is able to use to find a trail of fingerprints leading him to the cash stockpile.

So what chemical would realistically fit this scene? It would have to be visible only under UV light (obviously), but also able to transfer from paper money to one’s hands very easily and leave a noticeable trail on anything subsequently touched. Also, how long would such a trail last?

*I did do a search and found the thread where this episode was discussed in CS. I only skimmed it and saw a couple people mention the scene but not what chemical it would have been.

That sounds a little like the simulated germs they use in things like food safety classes. You put some on a trainee’s hand, let them go wash their hands the way they think is adequate, and then shame them by turning on the blacklight and letting them see the “germs” still on their hands and on the stuff they touched after they thought they were clean.

It’s obviously some sort of fluorescing dye of some sort. I have no idea what chemical is used for spy-craft type stuff like that, but I’m thinking it might actually be a fine powder of some kind.

I remember that episode, and I’m guessing the transfer of the dye was most likely exaggerated for television.

There are lots and lots of fluorescent compounds; some of them are listed here.

There are commercially available anti-theft powders and sprays which are nearly invisible in normal light buy very visible in fluorescent light. They seem to contain fluorescent dye in some sort of emulsion.

Here, $10.

“When using, please note that the effect is most intense after several minutes as the ink soaks into and dries on the skin.”

That doesn’t sound like something that would work the way it’s shown in the show. It sounds like it needs to be directly applied and allowed to soak in to the skin just to be visible on the skin, much less that it would rub off on anything one touches afterwards and leave a visible trail.

Sure, but my question is which of them, if any, would work the way described in the OP?

Sounds potentially promising. Any idea what they use?

I acknowledge that because it’s a TV show, there may not actually exist any substance that would work in quite the same way, quite as well, as it did on the show. But if there is such a substance, I’d like to know what it is.