Chemists/chemical engineers----adhesive question

What is the best adhesive to bond compressed tire crumb rubber? The bond must be permanent & still be flexible.

As long as you don’t have any high-temperature requirements (over 150 deg F) I’d recommend a urethane adhesive.

Thanks for the response, City Gent, but we need something more specific-- including a brand name & if possible a distributor.

If the stuff fuses the rubber into one contigious mass, that would be even better.

please help. an ameteur inventor needs this assist to start his business. He’s a pal of mine.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’ve never tried to bond crumb rubber, but a urethane adhesive would be my first try if you need a flexible bond. As for a brand name… damned if I know. Check a really good home improvement center.

I’m in the aerospace business, so I only know brands that are targeted towards high-performance applications - these might be expensive.

We have used the following urethanes with some success:

DP-640 from 3M Corporation

Lord 7542A/E with 7701 primer

Ciba Geigy AW5540/HW5541

The Lord has a longer pot life, but the Ciba Geigy cures much faster than the other two (1 day vs. one week at room temeprature).

Would you like to be billed on a hourly basis or for the complete consultation?

Just kiddin’ :slight_smile:

We can’t find these glues anyplace.

Anybody got alternative glues/suggestions???

Bosda, look for a woodworking supply store like Woodcraft and ask for polyurethane glues. I haven’t used it much but it might do what you need.

this site seems to have some good info, from what little I know about the subject.

McMaster-Carr has two polyurethane adhesives- go to the main site and search on “polyurethane adhesive”. It should turn up pages 3038 and 3040 from the catalog.

They’ve got a lot of different adhesives in their catalog.



Stick to it…

Here… crumb rubber adhesive in google yields

“D1010/2 Polyurethane Binder is the ideal adhesive for the manufacture of crumb rubber products of all types, or for the manufacture of wood glues, metal primers, sealers or similar and related products. Because this adhesive binder is MDI based it is safer to use than many adhesive binders on the market.”

Have you tried tire repair cement. Victor Universal cement
Victor products inc. V599


Available almost everywhere they sell tire repair kits. Hardware store ,Farm Supply ,Auto Parts Store etc