down, one to go!

I’d been meaning to PM you, as I hadn’t seen lately how the treatment was going.

Glad to hear it’s almost over!


I got a certificate and everything! Everybody liked the chocolate chip cookie cake. I have an appointment next Monday to meet with the radiation oncologist.

I asked if I could paint my nails, and the nurse said to wait a month. But best news is…I don’t have to have a Neulasta shot! My white blood cell count is fine, so no need for twingy achy bones this week!

Wahoo! That’s great!

That’s great news, Ivylass! You’re a role model for all of us.

finestkind of news!

Good news, good news!

You’re one of the main reasons I joined this board. Go girl!

Congrats again on the great news, Ivylass!!

When can I start the tactless “glowing in the dark” jokes? :smiley: <d&r>

Always good to hear this kind of news. :slight_smile:

I clicked. Happy to hear you’re doing well! :slight_smile:

Link clicked, ivy. Great news, keep hanging in there, you’re one of my favorite dopers.

WOOT! Does the no more chemo dance