Cheney shoots hunting companion

This is what happens when you insult the administration.
Only proves that idiots should not have guns.

So much for that guy testifying in any “leak” investigation.

It also goes to show that on real hunting trips rather than ridiculous photo ops, the guns are actually loaded.

Yeah, accidentally, that’s the ticket.

Does this make it a weapon of singular destruction?

Cheney has an ambulance on call? Since when?

REAL hunting trips? Sounds like they were riding around in a car and hopping out to shoot. Talk about roughing it. :rolleyes:

A hair more challenging than the time that he bagged 75 birds in Pennsylvania, no? If I recall correctly, those birds were brought out and placed before Cheney’s shooting party. At least in this incident, the hunters were moving, albeit by vehicle.

Still, I guess in others’ books, Cheney qualifies as a real hunter. To each his own.

Either since he became VP or due to the fact that his heart stops beating every now and then.
Now if he as shot Dan Quayle that would have been funny.

Yo, Zebra, reckon they’ll invite Cheney to the car shoot? :smiley:

What? no one else is going to comment on the picture? He looks like a dog protecting his dinner. grrrrrr

Doesn’t really surpise me. The man has had a couple heart attacks, hasn’t he?

With that kind of record and if I could afford it, I’d have a doctor following me around too.

Oh, you mean his normal look?

Obviously, Dick Cheney’s Secret Service protection squad needs a new role – protecting other people from Dick Cheney.

Something my dad used to say:

I would not hurt thee for the world, sir; but thou art standing where I wish to shoot!

I guess he was tired of living vicariously through the military…

I will be honest - my local news opening with:

Breaking News this hour - Vice President Dick Cheney has shot a man in Texas

made me laugh out loud and immediately revise my list of funniest one liners ‘evar’.

I realize a man was injured and I hope he is OK. But dang that was funny.

Bryan Williams and Andrea Mitchell report this shit went down yesterday and was “confirmed by the White House” when reported by a local paper. Forthcoming as all getout I guess.

“He shot a man in Texas, just to watch him die” ?

In all seriousness this Mitchell fellow is pretty lucky they were hunting birds, buckshot would’ve probably killed him. He came off with what appears to be fairly minor injuries from this.

Also as to why Cheney has an ambulance on call, it’s more than likely because he is the Vice President. I know at least back to 1981 President’s had ambulances at their beck and call as it was mentioned in a news article back when Reagan was shot (although I don’t believe the ambulance was actually used as the Secret Service pushed him into the Presidential limousine to get him out of the area quickly.) I wouldn’t be surprised if VPs have the same sort of thing going. And then on top of that of course, Cheney is not generally considered to be a well man.