Cheney to discuss Oil Prices with Saudi King

Real headline, the rest is my supposition of how the conversation might go.

Cheney: Greetings, your highness, how’s the new mansion coming along?
King Abdullah: Fabulous! It sits on the Gulf. In the morning, as the sun rises, it’s like sparkling gold across the water.
Cheney: I know what you mean. I’ve taken my profits and built a new hunting lodge in the Grand Tetons. You really should come out some time and see it.
King Abdullah: I don’t know… I might have to take a pass on that one.
Cheney: Cut me some slack already!
::both laugh::
Cheney: Anyway, we’ve both made a mint off of rising prices, but we do have an election coming up later this year, so if you could ease off just a bit.
King Abdullah: I’ll see what I can do.
Cheney: We can let gas go up a smidge over $4 a gallon back home for a bit, just so mid $3 looks like a bargain. Sort of like the way the stuff just under $3 looks like a great deal to folks. They don’t even hardly remember that it used to cost just over a dollar a gallon. But the economy is looking a bit sluggish, and we both really need McCain to win in November if we want to assure that the gravy train stays on track.
King Adbullah: Don’t worry, old friend, I know what is good for you is good for me. We’ll take care of it.

well played, sir