Chevron with Techron..... does it really work?

Alright, i gotz a question. Does this “Techron” stuff in chevron’s gas actually do any good? What is it anyway? i’ve just been wondering about this.

“Techron,” which is an anagram for “Crontches,” stands for “Amalgamated Hexodecimal Fuel Injection Reduction Accelerator.”

Basically, all this additive does is regulate the oscillation of the spark plugs. You could have a mechanic do it every now and then, but in order to maintain a cogent reduction in flux (layman’s terms=keep the muffler running well), this additive works pretty well.

So, I would say that you’re pretty well off buying it, unless you don’t think you need it. If you have ever noticed a loud noise when you’re engine’s fan belts are sparking, it’s really no big deal, so that would be true.

Also, the increased price, which, as OPEC would say, is a function of the person who works at the gas station with the price-changing stick-thing, is lower.

So, unless you have noticed a major problem with your car, I wouldn’t worry about OPEC and don’t buy it, because it is a monopoly. Besides, who can afford OPEC?

Do a search on Techron. I’m not sure about the amount in the Chevron gas, but they make an additive as well. I have heard good things about the additive. I tried it last week. Seemed to work quite well, but after it was gone, things seem back to normal. Give it a try, it’s not too expensive.

Just off the top o’ my head, (that means no cite coming from me) I’m quite sure they’re a class of compounds loosely called C3-benzenes, which are ordinary benzene rings with any combination of three extra methyl groups, a methyl and an ethyl group, or a propyl group.

Whether they really help “keep your engine clean” I don’t know. But they are added to modify the octane rating, as they do have significantly different burn specs than the majority of gasoline’s other chemical components.

And environmentally speaking, they are more environmentally persistent than most other components of gasoline, yet typically they aren’t measured when soil and water are analyzed for fuel contamination, and aren’t specifically regulated like benzene and some of its simpler derivitaves found in gasoline (toluene, ethylbenzene, xylenes).

That got a TMI warning? I thought you were going to tell us how much better running SPOOFE’s ass was after he washed it out with the stuff. :eek:

How can “Techron” be an anagram for word that contains an “s”?

“Whoosh”, Bob.

Chickenhead’s havin’ us on.

Techron is, from what I can tell, some form of naphtha. It does a pretty good job of breaking up engine crud and smoothing out operations. I credit Chevron’s Pro-Gard (the bottled gas additive that is, I gather, the same stuff they label as “techron” today) with keeping my old car running up to the 231,000 mile mark. The same car has, since I sold it, passed the 300,000 mile mark and is still going strong.

Anyway, it can’t hurt. Unlike, say, zMax. Don’t ever buy this stuff. I quote: