Chicago Cubs' Retired Numbers

Forget for a moment that the Cubs have had several players worthy of a retired number. I want to ask about a very flagrant ommission:

Why haven’t the Chicago Cubs retired #23 (Ryne Sandberg’s number)? Can we assume, this late in the game (no pun intended), that they aren’t going to? Why the hell not? He’s only one of the best second-basemen to ever play the game.

Maybe they are waiting to see if he will un-retire again.

Don’t worry Rasta, it will probably happen some day. Ohio State running back and two-time Heisman Trophy winner Archie Griffin just last weekend got his number retired some 20+ years later…

Which numbers have the Cubs officially retired?

Ernie Banks and Billy Williams, I’m sure, and I don’t think the greats from the distant past (Tinkers, Evers, et al) ever wore numbers. Is Fergie Jenkins’ number retired? How about Ron Santo? (lord, the way WGN radio advertises him as color man for Cubs broadcasts, you would think he was the greatest third baseman in baseball history). Now, don’t get me wrong. Ron was a great ballplayer. But he’s not in the hall of fame, and I don’t remember the Cubs ever retiring his number.

Can any of you folks with Cubbie Chubbies set the record straight? What numbers have the Cubs retired?

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I found that Ernie Banks and Billy Williams are indeed the only 2 players to have their numbers retired by the Cubs (not counting the Jackie Robinson thing). Ernie number flies atop the left field foulpole, Billy Williams in right. Since this is the case, it would seem doubtful that Sandberg will have his number retired until after he gets in the Hall of Fame. On a side note, he is doing some work for the Cubs as a roving instructor, with a possibility of coaching in the majors (of course, Don Baylor will determine that now.)
Soxfan - Good call on Santo. He was good, but if he’s not in the Hall yet, there is a reason for it, so I wish they would quit pumping him up so much.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

Hey, Cubs fans, how about agitating for the retirement of Frank Chance’s number. He certainly deserves it, and there is very little likelihood he will unretire. :slight_smile: