Chicago decides it has too many high school grads

MayorRohm Emanuelhas decided that graduating high school is no longer good enough for a high school diploma. Instead a graduating senior will be required to show an acceptance letter to a four-year university, a community college, a trade school or apprenticeship, an internship, or a branch of the armed services in order to receive their high school diploma.

Many employers will not hire someone without a high school diploma so it seems like this will raise the unemployment levels for those who choose not to go this path. All together it seems like a stupid idea following a decent ideal.

In my old-fashioned view, it’s none of the public school’s business what I plan to do after I leave their program. I’m all for encouraging higher education and other career paths, but a *requirement *that has nothing to do with whether or not I completed my high school education rubs me the wrong way. What I I want to live off my inheritance in Costa Rica for 10 years, I can’t have a diploma? At least there’s an out for those in custody:

Why would you shut out entrepreneurs?
This whole idea is stupid, but to tell students, don’t start your own business, you have to work for someone else or you won’t amount to anything, is horrible.
Also, why is an internship allowed, but not a full-time job?

This is ludicrous. What’s next; you don’t get a diploma for your college degree until you have been accepted to grad school or get a $40,000-a-year job offer?

There’s a Tribune story with more detail although it doesn’t make the plan sound any better. For one thing though, they point out that Chicago high school graduates are de facto accepted into the City College of Chicago so anyone graduating HS is already accepted into a community college.

Ok, the kid has to show a letter of acceptance. And basically all high school grads can produce such a letter. So far so good. Does the kid actually have to ENROLL IN AND ATTEND college classes, or just show s/he was accepted?

Sounds like just show that they were accepted which is why the CPS official admits that it’s kind of pointless since they’re all already accepted (by law) into the City Colleges of Chicago community college program.

This is just a proposal though so maybe it’ll make more sense later. Or die a merciful death.

Catch-22. You can’t *become *a “high school graduate” unless you have been accepted.

I suspect the idea is to make kids think about their future- sure, any graduate will be accepted by the public college , but they won’t get a letter of acceptance unless they actually apply. And perhaps some of those who apply only because they need that letter will decide to attend.

Whether it's a good idea or even legal are different issues.

The tap dancing mayor. “Look! I’m doing something! Just ignore the astronomical crime rate and the bottomless pit of impending financial ruin.”

Fuck it! Drop out in Freshman year. Sell dope. Profit!

No way this is every adopted. It is hard to imagine a more stupid proposal. Rahm doesn’t disappoint.

One year when I taught in LAUSD, our local superintendent Bob Collins decided that to walk across the stage for graduation, a graduand needed to be going to college or the armed services after high school. It quickly got dropped after the local CCs complained about the rush of students enrolling with no intention of ever attending. Oh and the many threatened lawsuits because being accepted to post-secondary school is not a graduation requirement.

Translation: Chicago public schools are so bad that no one graduating from them is ready for life.

Making everyone apply, whether they want to or not, is supposed to “provide more access” to those who actually do want to go to college? Are you confusing increasing supply with increasing demand?

Chicago’s City Hall is chock full of stupid ideas. That’s the problem with a one-political-party town. If CPS HSs require an acceptance letter for graduation, some enterprising person(s), with ties to City Hall, will be forging/creating them en mass. $10? $50? $100? Hurry, Hurry, Hurry! Step Right Up! Get Your Acceptance Letters Here! Come One, Come All! Hurry, Hurry, Hurry (before the police show up)! Oh wait a minute. This is Chicago. My clout has already taken care of the police. Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!

California was that way for a number of years. You got something like a “certificate of high school completion” when you finish high school, but in order to get a “diploma,” you had to pass California’s standardized high school “exit exam.” (The exam was suspended at the start of 2016.)

That’s a failing business plan from day one. Acceptance letters aren’t printed on anything fancy, just plain old paper. Not even a watermark for community colleges. It won’t take long for a Word document document to start making the rounds with a digitized signature.

I was accepted to my university before I graduated high school. That’s not uncommon.

It’s generally a provisional acceptance. They can take it back if you don’t graduate.

Is it good to have a “gap year” between High School and College? I sure think it might be a great idea for some people. Some might use the gap just to help decide whether college or work is their next step.

That’s just one reason I find this proposal astonishingly bad. Americans are under too much pressure as it is.