Chicago Dopers - a hand, pwease?

Hi guys…

Looking for information - I have to book a non-urgent patient transport and transfer in the Chicago area for June 29th. Could someone in the Chicago area look up patient transport or ambulance services (non-urgent transport) in the yellow pages and give me a few suggestions?

Basically I need to get a 7 year old, her mom and her father, transported from Ronald McDonald House (near the university of Chicago’s Children’s Hospital) to O’Hare. The child will be in a stretcher, and needs to be loaded onto a plane at O’Hare for 8am on Friday the 29th. Parents need to be transported with her.

Help help help!

Elenfair (drop me a line at
visit: for more info.

Email me your fax number at and I will fax you the Yellow Page for Ambulance services.

I’m waiting for a callback on a specific recommendation for you.