flying out of O'Hare... lunch?

My sister and I are flying out of Chicago O’Hare on August 19th. I was wondering if anybody would like to meet us for lunch around 11:30. I don’t know Chicago, so I need to leave it up to someone else to pick a place. Our dad and stepmom will be with us (our ride :)) so (please!) nowhere too skeezy, but close to the airport. We adore coffee shops, if that helps.

How much time do you have? IIRC, there’s nothing besides Denny’s, etc. by the airport and to eat in the airport, you’d have to take out a loan. If you’ve got an extra hour before and after, I’m sure we could organize something downtown.

Our flight leaves at 2:50pm. We will be driving from Cedar Rapids, IA. According to Yahoo! maps, the earliest we could be there is 11. I s’pose I could pester everyone into leaving at 6, but it probably wouldn’t be appreciated. :slight_smile: