Chicago Dopers, help me make a decision

I’ve gone out to Chicago for the past few years to see the Air and boat show. I stay at my Aunt’s place right near Montrose Harbor and have always had a very fun time while there. My friend that usually accompanies me got free tickets to Paris this year :rolleyes:, so he’ll be there, and the other guys also had obligations. This year she even got tickets to the Hyatt corporate tent because of her company ties with them. Now I’m a bit stuck without a travel companion.

I can fly out, which might cost me $300 or so, or drive and pay a bit under half of that. The latter affords me a vehicle there, but then there’s parking, fuel, and a 6 hour drive by myself. I’ve had far worse drives, but I was always paid to do them and was obligated.

The perks once I’m there are awesome. Free bed and amenities at my Aunt’s, whatever Hyatt corporate tent tickets include, and just generally being in Chicago. I have a co-worker that lives out there, but he’s likely to balk at a third beer in a night.

I’ve yet to meet another Doper in person, but I am positive that if I met one or two, that a great time would be had by all. If I don’t bring anyone out with me, it’s just me and my Aunt. She’s really awesome, but she can’t provide the “fun” quotient that I would need in order to justify the trip. I am positive that there are fun Dopers in Chi-town.

Oh, the Air and Boat show runs from 8/18 to 8/19. I have the preceding Friday off as well as the following Monday, so there’s flexibility.

I’d be perfectly willing to give a Doper a ride either there, or there and back. I’m just not wanting to waste this opportunity.

If I’ll likely be alone the whole time, then fuck it. I can do that at home for free.

I’d kinda like to go to the weiner’s circle just because. I’ve never had Pequod’s before either. :frowning:

I can either make this work, or I can perfect my sleeping skills that weekend.

I guess the decision is either go or stay home.

Hell, as an ex-Chicagoan inordinately fond of the city, I’d show up & join you, if I could! Unfortunately, “previous engagements” have been made … and it’d cost me $609.20 if I booked the airfare THIS VERY MINUTE :frowning:

I used to watch the air show from atop my late sister’s 20-story apt. building located at Lakeview & Wrightwood, right at the west edge of Lincoln Park. My old stomping grounds.

I’d’ve retired there, but fate intervened and I’m on the mid-coast of Maine.

Enjoy – post and tell us how it goes!

Thanks …

I say go anyway, staying home alone is not the same as seeing the Air and Water Show in Chicago alone.

If you can’t do anything by yourself I’m sure you’ll be able to meet someone in the Hyatt tent to hang out with for the day. (I don’t mean to be unfriendly, but as someone who does everything alone, including long road trips, I don’t understand how being alone means being miserable.)

Parking in Chicago is not an insignificant expense, I’d fly, you don’t need a car if you’re spending your time in the city.

I suggested this be moved to the SDMB Chicago thread. I think I’m free that weekend and I bet you could round up a couple other dopers as well.

I’ve never been known to turn down the 3rd beer :slight_smile:

Moved MPSIMS --> SD Chicago.

Stay. So much to do. You will make friends. Heck I’m sure a few folks on here would meet you.

I will.

Of course I said that for the July 14 meetup and then at the last minute got caught between a rainstorm and a haircut appointment.

It would be no more than a minimal burden to find street parking around Montrose and Lake Shore. Most people in the city own cars.

He wouldn’t need a car for the visit though. Trains, buses and taxis.

I know this issue has been weighing heavily on your minds, so it is with regret that I say that I will not be out thereon this weekend.

I’m looking at a Fall visit now, not really sure what opportunities will be around then, but I’ll look.

Completely off-topic and I’m just curious, how do you have a “co-worker” living in Chicago if you live 6 hours drive away?

He worked in the office up until last month, he moved to Chicago and now remotes in from there. Remote desktop, Pidgin, and Teamviewer practically make it seem like he never left.

I don’t know. I don’t own a car, but my friend with a car moans about parking anywhere near the lake. You know it’s not free anymore right? They’ve put those meter boxes in everywhere.