Chicago Loopers - look east @ 10:30-11

A group of historic airplanes are participating in a national air tour to celebrate the 100th anniversary of manned aviation.
They had intended to land at Meigs Field, but that is no longer an option (Thanks, Dick!)
Last night they were in Lansing, IL, and they will pass Chicago today en route to Milwaukee.
They are expected to fly over the lakefront sometime around 10:30-11 a.m.
Those of you with south and east views of the lake may wish to keep an eye out for them.
Or stop by my office - I’ll brew a fresh pot of joe.

More info available here:

Pretty neat in a hazy, geeky, slow motion kinda way.

Glad to have a use for those binos other than checking out that hot blonde in the building across the way!

I couldn’t see 'em from here. Bummer.

Nor could I see the airplanes.